The Rise of Lord Zekk – A Super Paper Mario AU Fanfiction

1. The Rise of Evil

In a time of peace, the future timeline of Super Mario takes a dark turn as he succumbs to the powers of darkness. Transforming into Lord Zekk, a malevolent Sorcerer with a sinister plan, he sets his sights on destroying all worlds.

Once known as the beloved hero of many realms, Lord Zekk’s descent into evil was gradual yet inevitable. The once bright and cheerful Mario is now consumed by a deep darkness that corrupts his very essence. With his newfound powers, he seeks to bring chaos and devastation to all who oppose him.

As Lord Zekk’s influence grows, whispers of his malevolent deeds spread like wildfire throughout the galaxies. Many who once stood by his side now fear him, knowing that his thirst for power knows no bounds. The once peaceful era now stands on the brink of destruction, with Lord Zekk’s dark shadow looming large over all.

Despite his transformation, some still hold out hope that the hero within Super Mario may yet prevail. But as Lord Zekk’s power continues to grow, the fate of all worlds hangs in the balance, teetering on the edge of oblivion.

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2. The Gathering of Allies

News of Lord Zekk’s reign of darkness spreads like wildfire, reaching the ears of three former minions – Mimi, O’Chunks, and Nastasia. Once loyal to the tyrant, they now seek redemption for their past misdeeds. Determined to make amends, they set out to join forces with the valiant heroes of light.

Mimi, the shape-shifting trickster, longs to leave behind her days of deception and embrace a new path of honesty and bravery. O’Chunks, the burly warrior, regrets the pain he has caused in the name of evil and vows to use his strength for good. And Nastasia, the enigmatic sorceress, is haunted by the darkness she once served, yearning for a chance to atone for her sins.

As the news of their decision spreads, whispers of hope begin to stir among the people. The unlikely alliance between former enemies sparks a glimmer of optimism in the hearts of all who hear the tale. Together, with the heroes of light leading the way, Mimi, O’Chunks, and Nastasia set off on a journey to confront Lord Zekk and put an end to his reign of darkness once and for all.

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