The Ring of Pride

1. Introduction

Hell is comprised of seven rings, each under the rulership of a different demon. The ring of Pride, overseen by the mighty Lucifer, is a place of intense brutality, where psychological warfare and torment are rampant.

Within this particular ring, Lucifer exercises his power with extreme cruelty, subjecting the inhabitants to unspeakable acts of torture designed to break their spirits. Every soul residing in the ring of Pride is constantly reminded of their faults and failures, fueling their sense of pride and ego which ultimately leads to their downfall.

The relentless psychological warfare carried out by Lucifer and his minions in the ring of Pride creates an environment of fear and despair. The individuals trapped within this ring are forced to face their innermost fears and insecurities, making them easy targets for manipulation and control.

As the ruler of the ring of Pride, Lucifer’s main objective is to instill a false sense of superiority in his subjects, only to strip them of their pride and dignity when they least expect it. The torment and suffering endured by the unfortunate souls in this ring are beyond comprehension, serving as a stark reminder of the consequences of unchecked arrogance and hubris.

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2. Environment

Pride is a scorching desert with temperatures reaching 58.5°C, where sinners are stripped of their pride and enslaved.


The climate in Pride is extremely harsh, with temperatures soaring as high as 58.5°C. The scorching heat punishes the sinners who reside in this barren desert.


Sinners in Pride are stripped of their pride and forced into slavery. The relentless environment serves as a punishment for their sins, reminding them of their wrongdoings.

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3. Games and Trials

In Sinners in Pride, demons can participate in various games and trials to win powerful goods. These activities not only provide entertainment but also serve as a way for demons to showcase their skills and abilities.

Entertainment for the Local Demons

The games and trials in Sinners in Pride are designed to keep the local demons entertained and engaged. Demons from different parts of the underworld come together to compete and show off their prowess. This communal activity promotes a sense of camaraderie among the demons and allows them to bond over their shared interest in winning rewards.

Winning Powerful Goods

Participating in games and trials in Sinners in Pride offers demons the chance to win valuable prizes. These powerful goods can range from magical artifacts to rare resources that can enhance a demon’s abilities or prestige. The competition among demons is fierce, as everyone is eager to prove themselves and claim these coveted rewards.

Showcasing Skills and Abilities

By engaging in games and trials, demons have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities to their peers. Whether it’s a test of strength, a display of magical prowess, or a trial of wit, these activities allow demons to showcase what sets them apart from others. Winning a game or trial can earn a demon respect and admiration from their fellow underworld inhabitants.

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4. Torturous Places

Pride is a realm filled with torturous places that serve a specific purpose – to shatter the spirits and minds of those who dare to enter. These places are carefully crafted to instill fear, despair, and hopelessness in the hearts of beings, trapping them within the bleak and dark confines for all eternity.

One of these torturous places is the Chamber of Regret, where individuals are forced to relive their most painful memories repeatedly, each time feeling the same intense emotions as if it were happening for the first time. The relentless cycle of anguish and sorrow breaks down even the strongest wills, leaving behind mere shells of the beings that once entered.

Another infamous location is the Labyrinth of Illusions, a maze-like construct that distorts reality and plays tricks on the mind of anyone who navigates its twisting corridors. Many have lost themselves within its deceptive walls, unable to distinguish between truth and falsehood, sanity and madness.

Those who find themselves trapped in these torturous places are doomed to suffer endlessly, their minds twisted and warped by the unrelenting torment of Pride. Escape seems impossible, and the only respite lies in acceptance of their fate and surrender to the darkness that consumes them.

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5. Redemption

While many may remain lost in the depths of Pride, some find their way out and strive for redemption.

Finding the Way Out

Redemption begins with the realization that one has succumbed to the pitfalls of Pride. It takes courage to admit one’s faults and weaknesses, but this acknowledgment is the first step towards redemption.

Striving for Change

Those who seek redemption must be willing to make significant changes in their behavior and mindset. This may involve apologizing to those they have wronged, making amends, and committing to personal growth and self-improvement.

Embracing Humility

Humility is a key component of redemption. By humbling oneself and recognizing that no one is perfect, individuals can begin to rebuild their relationships and regain the trust of those around them.

Forgiving Oneself

Self-forgiveness is crucial in the journey towards redemption. It is important to acknowledge past mistakes, learn from them, and let go of guilt and self-blame in order to move forward and create a better future.

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