The Rescued Girl and Professor Snape

1. The Rescue

An abused and abandoned 4-year-old girl is rescued by Professor Snape and taken to Hogwarts.


The story begins with an abused and neglected 4-year-old girl, alone and vulnerable in a harsh world.

The Rescue

Professor Snape, with his keen sense of justice and compassion, comes across the girl and immediately knows she needs help.

Without hesitation, he swoops in and rescues her from her dire situation, wrapping her in his cloak and apparating to the safety of Hogwarts.

Arrival at Hogwarts

As they arrive at the grand castle, the girl is in awe of her surroundings, feeling a sense of security she had never known before.

Professor Snape guides her through the corridors, leading her to a warm and welcoming room where she can rest and begin to heal.

A New Beginning

With Professor Snape’s care and guidance, the girl slowly starts to trust again, forming a special bond with her rescuer.

As she explores the magical world of Hogwarts, she discovers a sense of belonging and purpose, far from the abuse and neglect she had endured.

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2. Arriving at Hogwarts

Upon arriving at Hogwarts, the young girl found herself being sorted into Gryffindor house. The Sorting Hat placed her in the same house as the famous Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, filling her with a sense of pride and excitement. However, her joy was short-lived as she caught sight of Professor Snape, the intimidating potions master. His dark eyes seemed to bore into her soul, and she couldn’t shake off the feeling of fear whenever he was near.

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3. Building Trust

As time passes, the young girl gradually realizes that Professor Snape’s intentions are not malevolent, and she begins to develop a sense of trust towards him. Initially wary and suspicious of his actions, she observes his behavior and interactions with others, noticing his dedication to supporting his students and commitment to their growth. Through these observations, she starts to see beyond his stern exterior and discovers a caring and compassionate side to him.

Professor Snape, recognizing the girl’s initial apprehension towards him, makes efforts to build rapport and establish a foundation of trust. He engages her in meaningful conversations, offers guidance and assistance when needed, and takes the time to understand her perspective. His consistency in demonstrating support and understanding helps to reassure the girl of his genuine intentions.

With each positive interaction and display of kindness from Professor Snape, the girl’s trust in him deepens. She begins to confide in him, seeking advice and sharing her thoughts and feelings without reservation. Through these interactions, their relationship evolves from one of caution and doubt to one of mutual respect and trust.

Slowly but steadily, Professor Snape’s consistent actions build a solid framework of trust between him and the girl. This newfound trust forms the basis for a strong and meaningful connection, fostering a positive and supportive environment for their continued interactions and growth.

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4. Facing Fears

When the girl first encountered Professor Snape, she was filled with fear. His stern demeanor and intimidating presence made her nervous and apprehensive. However, as time went on, she began to realize that there was more to him than met the eye. With the guidance and support of Professor Snape, she slowly started to overcome her fear and see him in a different light.

As she spent more time with Professor Snape, she began to understand that he was not the villain she initially thought him to be. He was actually a kind and caring individual, willing to help and protect those in need. Slowly but surely, the girl learned to trust him and see him as a friend and protector.

With Professor Snape’s encouragement and mentorship, the girl faced her fears head-on and emerged stronger and more confident than ever before. She learned valuable lessons about courage, resilience, and the importance of looking beyond appearances. Through this experience, she not only conquered her fear of Professor Snape but also gained a loyal ally and friend.

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