The Rescued Girl

1. Introduction

Once upon a time at Hogwarts, a 4-year-old girl named Abomination endured unimaginable torture at the hands of the cruel Bellatrix. Her salvation came in the form of Professor Snape, who rescued her from the clutches of evil and bestowed upon her a new identity – Lily.

With a heart heavy with the weight of her past, Lily arrived at Hogwarts, a place of magic and wonder that would now be her refuge. Surrounded by kind faces and caring mentors, she began her journey of healing and transformation. Despite the shadows of her past looming over her, Lily embraced her new name and found solace in the supportive community that Hogwarts provided.

As Lily delved into her studies, her innate curiosity and intelligence began to shine through. Professor Snape, her savior turned mentor, guided her with patience and compassion, helping her unlock her full potential. With each passing day, Lily grew stronger, both in magic and in spirit, determined to rise above the scars of her past.

Through the trials and tribulations that awaited her at Hogwarts, Lily would discover the true power of resilience and the healing that comes with acceptance and love. And so, the girl once known as Abomination would write a new chapter in her life, one filled with hope, courage, and the unwavering belief that light can shine even in the darkest of times.

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2. Meeting Professor Snape

Abomination wanders into Professor Snape’s potions classroom and he greets her warmly, noticing her fear and softening towards her.

As Abomination cautiously entered Professor Snape’s potions classroom, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. The dark and dingy room was filled with mysterious potions brewing in cauldrons, sending off strange and unpleasant smells that made her nose wrinkle.

Professor Snape, with his greasy hair and hooked nose, turned to face her with a stern expression. However, as he noticed the fear in Abomination’s eyes, his demeanor softened slightly. “You must be Abomination,” he said in a surprisingly gentle tone.

Abomination nodded, feeling a wave of relief wash over her at his unexpected warmth. Professor Snape gestured for her to come closer and showed her around the classroom, explaining the different ingredients and their uses in potion-making. Despite his reputation for being strict and intimidating, Abomination found herself drawn to his vast knowledge and expertise.

By the end of their meeting, Abomination realized that Professor Snape wasn’t as terrifying as she had originally thought. His passion for potions was contagious, and she knew that she had much to learn from him in the days to come.

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