The Rescue of Lily

1. Flashback of Torture

A young girl named Abomination is tortured by Bellatrix for no fault of her own, instilling deep fear in her.

Abomination, a young and innocent girl, found herself in a nightmarish situation as she was subjected to brutal torture by the malicious Bellatrix. The dark and gloomy room where the torture took place was filled with an eerie silence that only amplified Abomination’s fear.

Bellatrix, with a sadistic gleam in her eye, seemed to derive pleasure from inflicting pain on the defenseless girl. The girl’s cries of agony echoed off the cold stone walls, serving as a stark reminder of her helpless situation. Despite her desperate pleas for mercy, Bellatrix showed no signs of stopping, reveling in the power she held over the young girl.

As each moment passed, Abomination’s fear deepened, leaving a lasting impact on her psyche. The trauma of the torture lingered long after the physical wounds had healed, shaping her into a person haunted by the memories of that fateful day. The sense of injustice at being punished for no fault of her own only added to the emotional scars left by Bellatrix’s cruel actions.

The flashback of this traumatic event serves as a pivotal moment in Abomination’s life, marking the beginning of her journey towards facing her fears and seeking justice for the atrocities committed against her.

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2. Lily Wanders Into Snape’s Classroom

As Abomination, now known as Lily, timidly enters Professor Snape’s potions classroom at Hogwarts, her heart pounds with fear. The room is filled with mysterious jars of ingredients and bubbling cauldrons, emitting puffs of colored smoke that hang in the air like ghosts. The dimly lit space echoes with the faint sound of Snape’s voice as he lectures a group of students at their desks. Lily shrinks back into the shadows, uncertain of how she ended up in this unfamiliar place.

Every nerve in Lily’s body screams for her to run, to flee this intimidating environment where she clearly does not belong. The air feels thick with tension, and Lily’s hands tremble as she tries to calm herself. She knows she must gather her strength and find a way out before Snape notices her presence and unleashes his wrath.

Despite the paralyzing fear coursing through her veins, a tiny voice deep within Lily’s soul urges her to stay, to confront her fears and discover what secrets lie within the walls of Snape’s classroom. With a shaky breath, she takes a hesitant step forward, drawing closer to the brewing potions and the enigmatic professor who commands the room.

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3. Snape’s Warm Welcome

As Professor Snape’s sharp eyes fell upon Lily, he could sense the fear radiating from her. In that moment, his demeanor softened, and he extended a warm greeting towards her. Lily’s tense shoulders began to relax as Snape’s voice was filled with genuine care and concern. “Welcome, Lily,” he said softly, offering her reassurance and safety in his presence.

With a gentle smile, Snape guided Lily to a nearby chair, ensuring she was comfortable and at ease. He fetched a warm cup of tea and some cookies, a small gesture that made Lily feel valued and cared for. The intimidating aura that Snape typically exuded seemed to disappear, replaced by an unexpected warmth and kindness towards the young girl standing before him.

Throughout their interaction, Snape’s focus was solely on Lily, making her feel seen and heard in a way she had never experienced before. He took the time to ask about her well-being and offered assistance with any challenges she might be facing. Lily couldn’t help but feel grateful for Snape’s unexpected display of compassion, a stark contrast to the rumors she had heard about him.

Leaving the encounter with Snape, Lily carried with her a newfound sense of comfort and belonging, grateful for the unexpected warmth and care she had received from a professor she had initially feared.

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