The Redemption of Snake Eyes

1. Confrontation

Tommy is stripped of his birthright and vows revenge on Snake Eyes for betraying him.


As Tommy learns that he has been stripped of his birthright, a fire ignites within him. Anger pulses through his veins, and he can think of nothing else but revenge. Snake Eyes, once a trusted ally, has shown his true colors, and Tommy will not rest until justice is served.

With newfound determination, Tommy sets out on a path of retaliation. Every step he takes is fueled by the desire to right the wrongs done to him. His quest for vengeance consumes his every thought, pushing him to the brink of madness.

Despite the challenges that lie ahead, Tommy remains resolute. He will not be deterred by obstacles or adversaries. Snake Eyes may have thought he could destroy Tommy, but instead, he has awoken a beast within him.

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2. Transformation

Upon receiving a black outfit and helmet from Akiko, Snake Eyes begins to undergo a significant transformation. This new attire marks a turning point for him, symbolizing a shift in his identity and purpose. With this new outfit, Snake Eyes not only changes his appearance but also starts to embody a deeper sense of belonging and commitment.

As he learns about his father’s past as a G.I. Joe, Snake Eyes begins to uncover more about his own roots and connections to the organization. This newfound knowledge adds another layer of complexity to his transformation, as he navigates the legacy that has been passed down to him.

Through these revelations, Snake Eyes starts to see himself in a different light, embracing his role as a protector and warrior. The black outfit and helmet serve as a physical representation of this evolution, signaling his dedication to the values and missions of the G.I. Joe legacy.

Overall, the transformation that Snake Eyes undergoes in this section is not just external but internal as well. It is a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, as he embraces his heritage and steps into the legacy of his father before him.

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3. Joining Forces

After witnessing Snake Eyes in action, Scarlett extends an offer for him to become a member of G.I. Joe. Impressed by his skills and dedication, she sees potential in him to be a valuable asset to their team. On the other side, the Baroness sees the same potential in Tommy and recruits him to join Cobra as Storm Shadow. Tommy, who is seeking a purpose and direction in life, is drawn to the allure of power and belonging that Cobra promises.

Scarlett emphasizes the importance of using their abilities for the greater good, to protect innocent lives and fight against threats to world peace. She sees Snake Eyes as a warrior with a strong sense of justice and integrity, qualities that align well with G.I. Joe’s mission. On the contrary, the Baroness manipulates Tommy’s desire for purpose, grooming him to become a lethal weapon for Cobra’s sinister agenda.

As Snake Eyes contemplates Scarlett’s offer, he grapples with his own past and the desire for a fresh start. Meanwhile, Tommy is seduced by the allure of power and the promise of a new identity as Storm Shadow. Both characters stand at a crossroads, faced with a choice that will shape their destinies and the path they will walk in the ongoing battle between good and evil.

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