The Rebirth of Amber


Within this fantastical world, there exists a 14-year-old human girl named Amber who finds herself navigating life as an orphan. Despite her challenging circumstances, Amber possesses a striking appearance that sets her apart from others. Her light blue hair cascades around her face, framing her emerald eyes that shimmer with an otherworldly magic. This magical essence is not only reflected in her eyes but also influences her physical appearance, giving her a unique and enchanting aura.

In terms of her attire, Amber’s fashion choices further emphasize her connection to the mystical elements surrounding her. She is often seen sporting a dark green sweater that complements the hues of her hair and eyes. This is paired with a light green skirt that adds a touch of whimsy to her outfit. To complete her ensemble, she opts for dark green leggings and grey-blue boots that provide practicality without sacrificing style.

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Amber has a 29-year-old sister named Agate, who acts as a motherly figure around her. Agate has orange hair and eyes due to her magic, wearing an orange dress and brown boots.

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Agate has a twin brother named Copper who is also Amber’s big brother. Copper is determined to protect his family and wears a red sweater and leggings, with red eyes due to his magic.

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While walking alone in the woods, something suddenly stabs Amber in the heart, leading to her slow and painful death. Agate and Copper are devastated by her loss.

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Months later, a healer secretly enters Amber’s room and successfully revives her. However, Amber is severely weakened and struggles to speak, move, and breathe.

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