The Ramayan Retold by Sita

1. Banishment and Arrival at Valmiki

Following her banishment, pregnant Sita makes her way to the ashram of Valmiki, hoping to find refuge in his care. The journey to the secluded hermitage is long and arduous, with Sita traversing through dense forests and rugged terrain. Despite the physical hardships, her determination and unwavering faith keep her going.

As she arrives at Valmiki’s ashram, Sita is filled with a sense of relief and gratitude. The serene surroundings and the aura of wisdom emanating from the sage provide her with a sense of peace and solace. Valmiki welcomes Sita with open arms, recognizing her as the virtuous wife of Lord Rama.

Seeking guidance and protection, Sita humbly bows before Valmiki, sharing her harrowing tale of exile and abandonment. The sage listens attentively, offering words of comfort and reassurance. Under his benevolent gaze, Sita finds the strength to confront the challenges that lie ahead.

Valmiki, renowned for his knowledge and compassion, takes Sita under his wing, promising to safeguard her and her unborn child. The ashram becomes a sanctuary for Sita, where she can heal from the wounds of her past and prepare for the trials that await her in the future.

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2. Birth and Marriage to Valmiki

After the long journey, Sita finally gives birth to twins, Lava and Kusha, in the hermitage of Valmiki. Valmiki, a wise sage, takes care of Sita and her children with love and compassion.

Over time, Sita and Valmiki develop a close bond, and Sita starts sharing her experiences and stories with Valmiki. One such story is the epic tale of Ramayan, her life with Lord Rama, and the challenges she faced during their exile.

Valmiki, with his keen interest in knowledge and storytelling, listens attentively to Sita’s recount of the Ramayan. He is deeply moved by her courage, devotion, and righteousness despite the hardships she endured. Valmiki realizes the significance of Sita’s story and the lessons it holds for future generations.

Seeing Sita’s strength and resilience, Valmiki admires her even more and vows to preserve her narrative for the world to know. He decides to pen down the epic story of Ramayan based on Sita’s narration, promising to immortalize her legacy and the teachings of dharma, love, and sacrifice.

As time passes, Sita grows fond of Valmiki’s companionship and guidance, finding solace in his presence. Their mutual respect and understanding deepen, eventually leading to a sacred bond of marriage between Sita and Valmiki.

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