The Railgun Incident

1. Exposition

Within this section, Uzi delves into the rich history of Worker Drones, shedding light on their vital role in the operations on Copper 9. He recounts the devastating turn of events that led to the destruction of life on this once-thriving planet, painting a vivid picture of the chaos and turmoil that ensued.

Moreover, Uzi details the arrival of the ominous Disassembly Drones, irrefutably linked to the ruthless commands issued by JCJenson. The narrative unfolds, revealing the sinister implications of their presence and the ominous threat they pose to the fragile ecosystem of Copper 9.

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2. School Presentation

During the school presentation, Uzi eagerly presents her slideshow and railgun to her classmates and teacher. However, she is met with uninterested faces and lack of engagement from her audience. As Uzi confidently explains her project, her classmates seem distracted and unimpressed.

The teacher, who had been preoccupied with papers on her desk, finally looks up and listens half-heartedly to Uzi’s presentation. After Uzi finishes, the teacher dismisses her work with a disappointed look on her face. She mentions there was a mix-up with the homework assignment and that Uzi’s project did not align with what was required for the class.

Feeling dejected and misunderstood, Uzi tries to explain that she had worked hard on the project and was passionate about the topic. However, her teacher simply shakes her head and moves on to the next student’s presentation.

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3. Malfunction

The railgun malfunctions during the presentation, causing chaos and leading to an explosion in the classroom.

As the demonstration of the railgun was reaching its climax, there was a sudden malfunction that sent a wave of panic through the classroom. The sound of buzzing circuits and flashing lights filled the air as students and teachers alike scrambled to figure out what was happening.

Amidst the chaos, the railgun suddenly exploded, sending debris flying in all directions. The force of the explosion knocked over tables and chairs, shattering windows and causing the ceiling tiles to rain down on the startled onlookers.

In the aftermath of the malfunction and explosion, the once orderly classroom now lay in ruins. Smoke billowed from the damaged railgun as emergency personnel rushed in to attend to the injured and assess the extent of the damage.

The unexpected turn of events left everyone in shock, with many questioning how such a disaster could have occurred. The malfunction of the railgun not only disrupted the presentation but also put everyone present in grave danger.

As investigations into the cause of the malfunction began, the classroom stood as a chilling reminder of the potential dangers that technology can pose when not properly maintained and monitored.

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