The Punishment of a Coldhearted Girl

1. God’s Punishment

Y/n, a coldhearted and rude Korean girl, finds herself facing the consequences of her behavior one fateful night. As she sleeps, a divine punishment is cast upon her by God Himself. When she awakens, she is shocked to find herself transported to an unfamiliar place – none other than the bedroom of the talented artist, BTS Suga.

Confusion and disbelief wash over Y/n as she tries to make sense of her surroundings. How could this be happening? Why was she here of all places? And most importantly, what did God’s punishment entail?

Despite her initial shock, Y/n soon realizes that there is a deeper purpose to her unexpected arrival in Suga’s bedroom. As she navigates this strange new world, she begins to uncover truths about herself and the impact of her actions on those around her.

As Y/n grapples with the consequences of her behavior and the challenges of her new reality, she must confront her past and learn to open her heart. Will this experience ultimately lead to redemption and growth, or will it only deepen her sense of isolation and regret?

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2. Suga’s Duty

Suga’s behavior towards y/n takes a significant shift as he is burdened with a sense of duty to help her improve herself. In his attempts to guide her, he becomes cold and strict, emphasizing the importance of addressing her mistakes promptly. Every misstep y/n makes is met with a consequence, as Suga believes that this tough love approach will ultimately lead to her growth and betterment.

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