The Prisoner’s Rubber Defender

1. Discovery of Ability

Through a series of unexpected events, the male prisoner stumbles upon a newfound ability within himself. This ability allows him to transform into a massive 100-foot rubber dome, an extraordinary feat that defies all logic. Despite this incredible transformation, he somehow retains his human head, creating a bizarre and surreal sight.

As he comes to terms with this remarkable change, the male prisoner experiments with his newfound ability, testing its limits and discovering the extent of his powers. Initially shocked and bewildered by this strange development, he soon begins to embrace the unique characteristics of his rubber dome form.

With each transformation, the male prisoner gains a deeper understanding of his abilities and how to control them. He learns to manipulate the size and shape of the rubber dome, using it to his advantage in various situations. What started as a shocking revelation gradually becomes a source of empowerment and liberation for him.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties that come with this newfound power, the male prisoner is determined to make the most of his extraordinary ability. As he continues to explore the possibilities that his rubber dome transformation offers, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and growth, embracing the uniqueness of his situation and the endless opportunities that lie ahead.

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2. Punishment in the Yard

As the prisoner found himself transformed into a rubber dome, he was assigned the duty of overseeing the yard. Little did he realize the untapped potential of the powers that now resided within him.

Standing in the center of the yard, the prisoner looked around at the other inmates, all going about their various activities. He felt a sense of detachment, almost as if he was watching everything unfold from a distance. However, as he gazed across the yard, he began to notice something strange happening.

Unbeknownst to him, his rubber dome form was emitting a subtle energy that seemed to influence the behavior of those around him. The inmates appeared more subdued and compliant, as if under some sort of spell. The prisoner, still unaware of the power he possessed, continued to watch over the yard, oblivious to the changes he was causing.

As the hours passed, more and more inmates seemed to fall under the strange influence of the rubber dome. They moved about with a robotic precision, following orders without question. It was only when a guard approached him and commended him on his excellent control of the yard that the prisoner began to understand the extent of his abilities.

With this newfound realization, the prisoner began to experiment with his powers, testing the limits of his control over the inmates. It was a strange and unsettling experience, but one that opened his eyes to the true nature of his punishment in the yard.

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3. Intervention

Witnessing a newbie being bullied by stronger prisoners, the prisoner transforms his rubber dome body into 100-foot long rubber arms.


When the prisoner saw the weaker newbie being harassed by the stronger inmates, he knew he had to intervene. Without hesitation, he called upon his unique ability to transform his rubber dome body. In a matter of seconds, his once round body morphed into 100-foot long rubber arms, towering over everyone in the room.

Display of Strength

As the bullies stared in disbelief, the prisoner’s elongated arms reached out to shield the new inmate from harm. The sheer size and flexibility of his rubber limbs served as a powerful deterrent to the aggressors, who quickly backed away, realizing they were no match for his extraordinary abilities.


The intervention not only protected the newbie from harm but also sent a clear message to the other prisoners that bullying would not be tolerated. The act of bravery and selflessness inspired a sense of unity among the inmates, fostering a safer and more respectful environment within the prison walls.

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4. Confronting the Bullies

As the protagonist witnesses the bullies picking on a smaller student, a surge of courage fills him. With determination in his eyes, he springs into action. His rubber hands, normally gentle and playful, transform into monstrous appendages. Gripping the bullies tightly, he reveals his true form – a human head merged seamlessly with the rubber arms. The bullies, taken aback by this unexpected sight, freeze in fear.

With a commanding voice, the protagonist demands that the bullying stops immediately. His words echo with authority, carrying a weight that cannot be ignored. The bullies, realizing they have met their match, nod in agreement and promise to cease their cruel behavior. As they scamper away, the smaller student looks up in gratitude, their eyes filled with admiration for the mysterious hero who came to their rescue.

The protagonist, now revealed in his dual nature, stands tall and proud. The act of confronting the bullies has not only put an end to the immediate threat but has also sent a powerful message to all those who seek to harm others. From that day forward, the protagonist is known as a protector, a guardian against injustice in the schoolyard.

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