The Price of Innocence

1. Ruby’s Invitation

One day, Ruby, a woman known for her hospitality, extended an invitation to Adil, a seasoned trader in the town. With a warm smile, Ruby invited Adil to her humble abode, promising him a delicious meal and stimulating conversation.

Adil, intrigued by Ruby’s invitation, eagerly accepted and made his way to her house. As he crossed the threshold, he was greeted by the enticing aroma of spices and home-cooked food. Ruby welcomed him with open arms, leading him to a beautifully set table where a feast awaited them.

Throughout the evening, Ruby regaled Adil with tales of her travels and experiences, captivating him with her wit and charm. Adil, in turn, shared stories of his own adventures in far-off lands, creating a bond of friendship between them.

As the night drew to a close, Adil thanked Ruby for her gracious hospitality and the memorable evening they had shared. Ruby, in her usual gracious manner, invited Adil to visit again, knowing that their newfound friendship would only grow stronger with each meeting.

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2. Manaal’s Introduction

Manaal, Ruby’s daughter, timidly walks over and presents Adil with his beverage, her upper body uncovered. Her cheeks flush with embarrassment as she tries to appear composed in front of Adil. Ruby watches from a distance, a slight smile playing on her lips as she observes her daughter’s nervousness.

Manaal’s eyes dart around the room, avoiding direct eye contact with Adil. She fidgets with the edge of her shawl, a nervous habit that she can’t seem to shake. Despite her discomfort, Manaal is determined to fulfill her duties and serve Adil to the best of her ability.

Adil, unaware of Manaal’s internal struggle, graciously accepts the drink and thanks her with a warm smile. He notices Manaal’s unease but chooses to overlook it, not wanting to embarrass her further. The tension in the room eases slightly as Adil engages in conversation with Ruby, drawing Manaal into their discussion.

As the evening progresses, Manaal grows more comfortable in Adil’s presence, her initial shyness giving way to a quiet confidence. Adil is impressed by Manaal’s poise and grace, admiring her resilience in the face of her initial awkwardness. By the end of the evening, Manaal has proven herself to be a capable and charming young woman, much to the delight of her mother.

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3. Inspection Request

After considering Ruby’s offer to sell Manaal, Adil agrees to inspect her. Ruby arranges a meeting with Adil to showcase Manaal’s attributes and features that make her a desirable purchase. Adil carefully examines Manaal, assessing her physical condition, temperament, and any potential health issues. He also evaluates Manaal’s training, performance, and suitability for the intended purpose.

During the inspection, Ruby provides detailed information about Manaal’s background, pedigree, and previous experiences. She answers Adil’s questions regarding Manaal’s diet, exercise routine, and current care regimen. Adil observes Manaal’s behavior in various settings, noting her interactions with humans and other animals. He conducts tests to assess Manaal’s responsiveness, intelligence, and skill level.

As the inspection progresses, Adil evaluates Manaal’s conformation, movement, and overall appearance. He considers her strengths and weaknesses, assessing her potential for improvement and development. Adil carefully weighs the factors that will influence his decision on whether to purchase Manaal.

After the inspection is completed, Adil and Ruby discuss their findings and impressions. Adil may request additional information or clarification before making a final decision. Ruby offers to provide any necessary documents or references to support Manaal’s sale. Adil expresses his appreciation for the opportunity to inspect Manaal and promises to communicate his decision in a timely manner.

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4. The Price Offer

When Ruby approached Adil, she got right to the point. “How much would you pay for my daughter?” she asked, her tone serious and business-like.

Adil paused, taken aback by the directness of Ruby’s question. He knew that this was a delicate situation and that he had to tread carefully. He thought for a moment before responding.

As he considered his answer, Adil thought about the value that Ruby’s daughter would bring to his life. He thought about the love, companionship, and joy that she would bring. He also knew that there were practical considerations to take into account, such as her upbringing and education.

After a moment of contemplation, Adil finally spoke. “I would be willing to pay a fair price for your daughter,” he said, choosing his words carefully. “But before we discuss any specific numbers, I would like to get to know her better and understand what she wants for her future.”

Ruby nodded, acknowledging Adil’s response. She knew that this was just the beginning of their negotiations and that there was much more to discuss before reaching any agreement. As they continued their conversation, both Ruby and Adil were struck by the weight of the decision before them. The price offer was just the beginning of a much larger discussion about the future.

Sunset over calm ocean with colorful sky and clouds

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