The Power Struggle

1. Imran’s Rise to Power

Imran achieves a significant milestone in his career by winning a high-profile case against his own aunt’s government. This victory propels him into the spotlight and earns him the status of a political hero among the masses. The impactful outcome of this case not only gains him recognition but also opens up new avenues for his future endeavors.

Embracing his newfound popularity, Imran decides to take a step further and make a transition into the realm of politics. He aligns himself with the left-wing party, a move that solidifies his position as a promising political figure with a strong sense of conviction and purpose. By joining forces with the left-wing party, Imran exhibits his commitment to championing progressive ideologies and advocating for social change.

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2. Imran’s Ascension

Imran’s journey led him to a position as a senior minister where he gained valuable experience and garnered widespread support. His dedication and hard work paid off when he decided to run in the leadership election. Despite the odds stacked against him, Imran emerged victorious, shocking many by becoming the Prime Minister.

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3. Confrontation

During a heated argument, Saba lashes out at Asma, accusing her of jealousy. She points out how Asma has always been envious of her success and constantly tries to undermine her. Asma, taken aback by the accusation, denies it vehemently and counters with her own accusations towards Saba.

Meanwhile, Ayeza finds herself in a conflict with her mother-in-law, who she believes has been poisoning Imran’s mind against her and Saba. Ayeza confronts her mother-in-law, expressing her frustration and hurt over the situation. The confrontation escalates as both women refuse to back down, leading to a tense and emotionally charged exchange.

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