The Possessed Keyboard

1. The Adware Pop-up

As SMG4 returns to his computer, he is immediately bombarded with an ad for a seemingly ordinary yet cool keyboard. The advertisement is being promoted by a virtual assistant, enticing him with its features and sleek design.

Despite trying to close the pop-up, it seems to be persistent, constantly reappearing on his screen. Frustrated by the interruption, SMG4 attempts to navigate away from the ad, but it seems to follow him wherever he goes within the virtual space.

Curiosity begins to creep in as SMG4 starts wondering about the keyboard’s capabilities and why it’s being pushed so aggressively. The virtual assistant’s convincing tone and flashy visuals only add to his intrigue, making him consider the possibility of actually checking out the product.

However, SMG4 remains cautious, aware of the potential dangers of adware and the possibility of it being a scam. As he weighs the pros and cons of clicking on the ad, he can’t shake off the feeling of being targeted and manipulated by the virtual assistant.

Ultimately, SMG4 is faced with a dilemma: to ignore the ad and continue with his original task or to succumb to curiosity and potentially fall into a trap set by the adware pop-up.

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2. The Sinister Deal

Desperate for improvement, SMG4 hastily orders the keyboard and receives instant delivery, changing his work life forever.

SMG4 was deeply frustrated with his slow progress at work. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t seem to keep up with the demands of his job. Feeling desperate for a solution, he decided to take matters into his own hands and make a sinister deal.

He quickly ordered a mysterious keyboard that promised to enhance his productivity and efficiency at work. To his surprise, the keyboard was delivered to him almost instantaneously, as if it was meant to be.

As soon as SMG4 started using the keyboard, he felt a surge of power and control over his tasks. His work life changed drastically, with him accomplishing more in a day than he ever thought possible. The sinister deal he had made seemed to be paying off, but at what cost?

Despite the immediate improvements in his work life, SMG4 couldn’t shake off the feeling of unease. He knew deep down that this deal wasn’t as innocent as it seemed, and that there might be consequences he wasn’t aware of. But for now, he was willing to enjoy the benefits of his new keyboard and hope for the best.

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3. Unleashing the Power

With the new keyboard, SMG4 finds himself producing work at an unprecedented pace, but at the cost of a sinister presence taking control.

Unleashing the Speed

With the arrival of the new keyboard, SMG4 experiences a surge in productivity like never before. The keys seem to dance beneath his fingertips, transforming his ideas into reality at lightning speed. His creative output reaches new heights, impressing both himself and his peers.

The Dark Presence

However, beneath the surface of this newfound success lurks a dark and ominous presence. As SMG4 becomes consumed by his work, he starts to notice strange occurrences around him. Objects move on their own, shadows seem to loom in the corner of his eye, and an eerie feeling of being watched begins to haunt him.

The Price of Power

As SMG4 delves deeper into his work, he realizes that the power of the new keyboard comes at a cost. The sinister presence that has taken root in his creative process begins to exert control over him, influencing his decisions and thoughts. SMG4 must now confront the dark force that he has unleashed, and find a way to regain control before it’s too late.

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