The Permanently Stuck Cannonbolt

1. Ben’s Mistake

Ben activates his Omnitrix and transforms into Cannonbolt, a powerful alien form with the ability to curl up into a protective ball. Full of excitement and energy, he decides to test out his new form in a Sumo arena that he stumbles upon in the city.

As Cannonbolt enters the arena, the audience, including a towering Sumo wrestler at the center, gasps in surprise. The wrestler, known for his impressive skills and undefeated record in the arena, is clearly not pleased by Ben’s intrusion into the sacred ground.

Despite the wrestler’s visible displeasure, Ben, caught up in the thrill of the moment, challenges him to a friendly match. The Sumo wrestler, insulted by Ben’s casual attitude and lack of respect for the sport, scowls and prepares to face the young hero in the ring.

Unaware of the brewing animosity and the potential consequences of his actions, Ben confidently readies himself for the match. Little does he know that his impulsive decision to enter the Sumo arena may lead to unexpected challenges and may jeopardize his mission as a protector of the universe.

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2. The Consequence

The Sumo wrestler, filled with overwhelming power and rage, reaches out and grabs Ben by the arm, hurling him across the ring like a ragdoll. Ben, unable to defend himself against the formidable opponent, is slammed down onto the hard surface with a bone-jarring impact.

As Ben struggles to regain his composure, the Sumo wrestler approaches him menacingly, a look of cruel determination in his eyes. With a swift and calculated motion, the wrestler locks Ben into a tight grip, preventing him from moving or transforming into any other alien forms.

With a sinister smile, the Sumo wrestler utters a menacing command, forcing Ben to remain stuck in his Cannonbolt form indefinitely. Ben, feeling the weight of his predicament, anguishes over the consequences of being trapped in this form, unable to revert back to his human self.

The suffocating reality of his situation begins to set in as Ben’s thoughts race, contemplating what this means for his future battles and the safety of those around him. The weight of his powerlessness weighs heavy on his shoulders as he grapples with the harsh truth of his current state.

With a heavy heart and a determined spirit, Ben braces himself for the challenges that lie ahead, knowing that he must find a way to break free from the Sumo wrestler’s cruel grip and reclaim his ability to transform once again.

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3. Gwen’s Intervention

As Gwen entered the room, she immediately noticed Ben bouncing around in a state of pure panic. Without hesitation, she sprang into action, hurrying over to him and deftly catching him mid-bounce. Ben, startled by her sudden grasp, slowly uncurled from his ball form with Gwen’s help.

“Ben, Ben, it’s okay. Take deep breaths,” Gwen reassured him as she gently guided him back to his feet. She could see the fear in his eyes slowly subsiding as he focused on her calming voice.

“What happened? Why were you bouncing like that?” Gwen asked, concern evident in her voice. Ben took a moment to compose himself before explaining what had triggered his panic.

Gwen listened attentively, offering words of comfort and support as Ben shared his worries. She knew that sometimes all it took was a helping hand and a listening ear to make things better. Gwen stayed by Ben’s side, providing the steadying presence he needed to regain his composure.

After some time, Ben’s breathing slowed, and his nerves began to settle. Gwen smiled warmly at him, proud of how he had handled the situation. Together, they faced challenges head-on, knowing that they always had each other for support.

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4. Safekeeping

Gwen takes on the responsibility of ensuring Ben’s safety, especially during a time when he is permanently stuck as Cannonbolt. She becomes acutely aware of the potential consequences that using Alien forms can bring about.

Ever since Ben’s transformation into Cannonbolt became permanent, Gwen has made it her mission to keep him out of harm’s way. She knows that being in a constant state of alien form poses its own set of challenges and risks. Therefore, she goes above and beyond to protect him from threats and dangers that may come their way.

Gwen’s dedication to Ben’s safekeeping is not only an act of love and friendship but also a strategic move to prevent any further complications or negative outcomes. She understands the gravity of the situation and the importance of being vigilant and proactive in ensuring Ben’s well-being.

Throughout their adventures, Gwen remains by Ben’s side, watching out for him and providing support in any way she can. Whether it’s shielding him from enemy attacks or offering him advice and guidance, Gwen proves to be an invaluable ally in keeping Ben safe amidst the chaos and uncertainty that comes with being a hero.

As Ben wrestles with the challenges of his new reality, Gwen stands as a rock-solid pillar of strength, always ready to lend a helping hand and to protect him from harm’s way. Her unwavering commitment to Ben’s safekeeping is a testament to the bond they share and the lengths she is willing to go to ensure his well-being.

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