The Perfectionist

1. Introduction

After being uncancelled with the assistance of SMG3, SMG4’s YouTube channel is back in action. With a burning desire to create the ultimate video, SMG4 tirelessly works to achieve perfection, yet never quite reaching it. Despite his best efforts, there is always something that he feels could be improved upon in his content.

SMG4’s dedication and drive to produce high-quality videos is evident in his relentless pursuit of perfection. He meticulously crafts each video, paying close attention to every detail to ensure that it is entertaining and enjoyable for his audience. However, his constant pursuit of perfection often leaves him feeling dissatisfied, as he can never quite meet his own lofty standards.

Even with the support of SMG3 and a revived channel, SMG4 continues to face the challenge of producing content that meets his own high expectations. Will he ever be able to create the perfect video, or will his quest for perfection be an endless pursuit?

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2. Increasing Stress

As the days go by, SMG4 finds himself becoming more overwhelmed with stress and frustration. Despite having opportunities to hang out with friends, he increasingly chooses to isolate himself by locking himself in his room.

The pressure and demands of his daily life seem to weigh heavily on SMG4, causing him to withdraw from social interactions and activities that once brought him joy. The once energetic and sociable individual now struggles to muster the enthusiasm to engage with others, opting instead to seek solace in his solitude.

As his stress continues to mount, SMG4’s behavior becomes more erratic and unpredictable. His friends notice a significant shift in his demeanor, expressing concern for his well-being as they observe his withdrawal and isolation. Despite their attempts to reach out and offer support, SMG4 remains distant and closed off, unwilling to confront the growing turmoil within him.

The increasing stress that grips SMG4 not only affects his relationships with others but also takes a toll on his mental and emotional health. The once vibrant and outgoing individual now struggles to navigate the overwhelming feelings of frustration and pressure that seem to consume him, creating a barrier between himself and the world outside his room.

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3. Breaking Point

On MAR10 Day, what was supposed to be a festive occasion quickly turned into a nightmare for SMG4. The Wi-Fi router decided to malfunction at the worst possible time, leaving SMG4 frustrated and anxious. As the party-goers gathered around, eagerly expecting some fun and entertainment, SMG4’s patience wore thin.

The constant disruptions and technical issues pushed SMG4 over the edge. Unable to contain his anger any longer, he lashed out at the innocent party-goers who were merely there to celebrate. His outburst shocked everyone present, turning the joyful atmosphere into a tense and uncomfortable one.

Despite his best efforts to keep his cool, the accumulated stress and frustration from the Wi-Fi mishap proved to be too much for SMG4 to handle. His behavior, out of character and unexpected, left a sour taste in the mouths of the party-goers, creating a rift between him and his friends.

As the dust settled and SMG4 realized the extent of his actions, he knew that he had reached his breaking point. It was a moment of reflection and regret, as he tried to come to terms with the consequences of his outburst. The Wi-Fi malfunction might have been the trigger, but it was the circumstances and his reaction that defined his breaking point.

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