The Perfect Video

1. The Quest for Perfection

SMG4’s pursuit of perfection drives him to create what he believes will be the ultimate video. Consumed by his desire to achieve the highest possible standard, he embarks on a journey filled with challenges and obstacles.

As he tirelessly works on his project, he becomes increasingly fixated on every detail, determined to leave no stone unturned in his quest for excellence. His perfectionism pushes him to constantly refine and improve his work, unwilling to settle for anything less than perfection.

However, as SMG4 delves deeper into his quest for perfection, he begins to realize the toll it is taking on him. The pressure to create the ultimate video starts to weigh heavily on his shoulders, affecting his relationships and his own well-being.

Despite the sacrifices and challenges he faces along the way, SMG4 continues to push himself to the limits in his pursuit of perfection. Will he ultimately achieve his goal, or will the cost of his relentless quest prove to be too high?

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2. Isolation and Frustration

SMG4’s obsession with perfection leads to him pushing away his friends and locking himself in his room.


SMG4’s intense desire for perfection consumes him, causing him to isolate himself from his friends. He becomes so focused on achieving perfection that he shuts out the outside world, including those who care about him. His friends try to reach out to him, but he pushes them away, believing that he must tackle his goals alone. This isolation only serves to deepen his sense of loneliness and alienation.


As SMG4’s obsession with perfection grows, so does his frustration. Despite his best efforts, he never feels satisfied with his work, always finding flaws and imperfections that need to be fixed. This constant cycle of striving for unattainable perfection only fuels his frustration, leading him to become increasingly irritable and distant from those around him. His frustration ultimately drives him to lock himself in his room, where he can obsessively work on his projects in solitude.

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3. Mar10 Day Meltdown

On MAR10 Day, SMG4’s stress reaches a boiling point when the Wi-Fi suddenly goes out. This unexpected event throws him into a state of panic and frustration, as he relies heavily on the internet for his daily activities.

As SMG4 struggles to regain a stable connection, his anxiety only intensifies. The pressure of being disconnected from the online world proves to be overwhelming for him, and he begins to unravel, exhibiting signs of a meltdown.

The meltdown manifests in destructive behavior, as SMG4’s emotional turmoil takes control. He lashes out in anger, breaking objects in his vicinity and causing chaos in his surroundings. This outburst of pent-up emotions further escalates the situation, leaving SMG4 feeling exhausted and defeated.

Despite his best efforts to manage the situation, SMG4’s inability to rectify the Wi-Fi issue exacerbates his meltdown. The day that was meant to be a celebration of MAR10 now turns into a personal crisis for him, highlighting the importance of technology in his life and the fragility of his emotional state.

In the aftermath of the meltdown, SMG4 is forced to confront the consequences of his actions and reflect on the impact of his dependence on technology. This experience serves as a wake-up call for him, prompting him to reevaluate his relationship with the digital world and find healthier coping mechanisms for dealing with stress in the future.

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