The Nighttime Disturbance

1. Introduction

Imagine a household where three brothers share a room. The dynamic trio consists of Zahar, the oldest brother who is engrossed in playing on his phone, Arsen, the middle brother who is focused on the computer screen, and German, the youngest sibling who is happily playing with his toys. Each brother is immersed in his own world, showcasing their individual interests and personalities within the confined space of their shared room.

The scene captures a common scenario in many households where siblings coexist in close quarters, each carving out their own niche within the family unit. Zahar’s attention is fixated on the digital realm, Arsen is utilizing the computer for entertainment or work purposes, and German is engaged in imaginative play with his toys. Despite the differences in their activities, there is an underlying sense of harmony as they pursue their respective interests in the shared space.

This introductory glimpse into the brothers’ everyday lives sets the stage for a deeper exploration of their relationships, interactions, and the dynamics at play within the family. As we delve further into their story, we will uncover the complexities and nuances of sibling bonds, individual personalities, and the ways in which they navigate shared living spaces while respecting each other’s unique needs and interests.

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2. The Disturbance

One night, while their parents were sleeping, German interrupts Zahar by trying to take his phone from him.

As the night grew darker, a sense of mischief took hold of German. Unable to suppress his curiosity, he crept like a shadow towards Zahar’s side of the room where he lay sound asleep. His eyes were fixated on Zahar’s phone, which lay innocently on the bedside table.

Without a second thought, German reached out his hand and made a grab for the phone. Zahar, who was in a light slumber, stirred slightly at the disturbance. Sensing the movement, German froze, holding his breath and hoping not to wake his older brother. But it was too late.

Zahar’s eyes flickered open, and he caught German in the act. Confusion and annoyance clouded his features as he demanded an explanation for the intrusion. German stammered out a half-hearted excuse, claiming he was merely checking the time. Zahar’s skepticism was evident as he reached for his phone, checking the screen to verify German’s story.

With a sheepish grin, German admitted to his mischievous intentions, apologizing for disturbing Zahar’s peace. The tension between the two brothers dissipated as they shared a laugh over the absurdity of the situation. The night resumed its silence, with the only disturbance being the quiet chuckles of the siblings as they settled back into their respective beds.

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