The Night of Panic

1. Telémahkos’s Panic Attack

Telémahkos’s heart began to race as he sat at Neo’s house, attempting to focus on his studies. Suddenly, a wave of lightheadedness swept over him, causing his breath to hitch in his chest. He felt as though the walls were closing in around him, and his thoughts raced uncontrollably. Panic began to consume him, manifesting as a tightness in his chest and a sense of impending doom.

As his friends in the room carried on with their work, Telémahkos struggled to maintain his composure. He tried to take deep breaths and center himself, but the panic only seemed to intensify. Each moment felt like an eternity as he battled against the overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety.

Eventually, Telémahkos couldn’t take it anymore. He excused himself from the study session, his hands trembling as he gathered his things. He stumbled out of the room and into the fresh air, gasping for breath as he tried to calm his racing heart. The panic attack had taken its toll, leaving Telémahkos drained and shaken.

As he reflected on the experience later, Telémahkos realized that he needed to find better ways to manage his stress and anxiety. The panic attack had been a wake-up call, prompting him to seek out strategies for coping with the overwhelming emotions that threatened to consume him.

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2. Anidas’s Support

Anidas offers his support to Telémahkos as they navigate through a difficult moment together. When Telémahkos is struck by a panic attack, Anidas is quick to notice and reacts immediately. He calmly accompanies Telémahkos to the bathroom, where he assists him in managing the overwhelming feelings.

As they reach the bathroom, Anidas guides Telémahkos to sit down and takes a deep breath with him, encouraging him to focus on each inhale and exhale. Anidas speaks softly and soothingly, reminding Telémahkos that he is not alone and that he is safe in this moment.

Anidas’s presence is a source of comfort for Telémahkos, who feels reassured by his friend’s unwavering support. Anidas remains by his side until the panic attack subsides, offering a steady presence and gentle encouragement throughout.

Through Anidas’s compassionate assistance, Telémahkos is able to regain a sense of calm and composure. Their bond grows stronger as they experience this vulnerable moment together, deepening their friendship and mutual trust.

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3. Neo’s Concern

Neo is deeply troubled by Telémahkos’s recent behavior and feels the need to seek guidance from his fathers, Achilles and Patroclus. He confides in them, sharing his concerns about Telémahkos and the uncertainty surrounding his future. Throughout their conversation, Achilles and Patroclus listen attentively, offering wisdom and reassurance to Neo.

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