The Mysterious Boy in the Woods

1. Meeting Oliver

As the deer hunter arrives at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, he is filled with a sense of anticipation. Today, he is going to meet the boy who has captured his heart, the boy who has been through so much and whose appearance has now changed.

The hunter walks through the corridors of the hospital, his heart beating a little faster with each step. He finally reaches Oliver’s room and gently knocks on the door. A nurse opens the door and welcomes him in with a warm smile.

Oliver is lying in bed, looking much weaker than the hunter remembers. His once vibrant eyes now seem dulled by illness, but there is still a spark of life in them. The hunter approaches the boy’s bedside and introduces himself, a lump forming in his throat.

Oliver looks up at the hunter with a mixture of curiosity and gratitude. Despite his frail appearance, there is a sense of resilience about him that touches the hunter deeply. They talk for a while, the hunter sharing stories of the forest and the animals he loves so much.

As the visit comes to an end, the hunter can’t help but feel a sense of hope. Meeting Oliver has changed something in him, stirred something deep within his soul. And as he leaves the hospital, he knows that this meeting is just the beginning of a remarkable journey.

A closeup photo of a blooming pink peony flower

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