The Myopia Chronicles

1. Seoyeon’s New Glasses

Seoyeon recently got new -1.50 prescription glasses to help with her myopia. The sleek frames and perfectly adjusted lenses were a big change from her old pair. As she put them on for the first time, everything seemed clearer and sharper. The world took on a whole new dimension through the lens of her new glasses.

Excited to share her new accessory with her friends, Seoyeon passed the glasses around for everyone to try on. Each friend took a turn putting on the glasses, marveling at how different things looked with the prescription lenses. Some friends commented on how much better they could see with the glasses on, while others were surprised by the level of detail the lenses brought out.

Seoyeon felt a sense of pride as she saw her friends enjoying her new glasses. It was like sharing a part of her world with them, allowing them to experience her improved vision firsthand. As the glasses made their way around the group, Seoyeon couldn’t help but smile at the reactions of her friends.

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2. Eye Exams

Seoyeon’s friends Jiyeon, Hayeon, Chaeyeon, and Sion recently visited the eye doctor for their routine eye exams. Each of them received a different prescription for glasses based on their individual eye health.

Jiyeon, who spends a lot of time reading and using digital devices, was prescribed glasses with anti-glare lenses to reduce eye strain. Hayeon, who enjoys outdoor activities, received prescription sunglasses to protect her eyes from harmful UV rays. Chaeyeon, who has trouble seeing things up close, was given reading glasses to help her with tasks that require near vision. Lastly, Sion, who has astigmatism, was prescribed glasses with special lenses to correct her vision.

During the eye exams, the optometrist performed various tests to assess the vision of Seoyeon’s friends. These tests included checking visual acuity, measuring intraocular pressure, evaluating eye muscle movement, and assessing depth perception. Based on the results of these tests, the optometrist determined the appropriate prescriptions for each friend.

After getting their new glasses, Jiyeon, Hayeon, Chaeyeon, and Sion were amazed at how clear and comfortable their vision was. They were grateful for the eye exams that helped them improve their eyesight and overall eye health.

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3. Changing Eyesight

Seoyeon has observed that some of her friends have much stronger prescriptions for their glasses or contact lenses, while others have weaker ones. This diversity in eyesight among her friends is a fascinating topic for Seoyeon, as it makes her wonder about the factors that contribute to such differences.

One of the reasons for varying eyesight could be genetics. Some individuals may inherit genes that make them more prone to nearsightedness or farsightedness, resulting in the need for stronger prescriptions. On the other hand, those with weaker prescriptions may have genetic traits that give them better eyesight.

Environmental factors may also play a role in shaping eyesight. For example, spending excessive time in front of screens or in dimly lit environments can strain the eyes and lead to a deterioration in vision. Conversely, engaging in outdoor activities that involve looking into the distance may help maintain good eyesight.

Regular eye check-ups are essential for monitoring changes in eyesight and ensuring that the correct prescription is being used. Seoyeon understands the importance of taking care of her eyes and plans to schedule routine appointments with an optometrist to keep track of any changes in her own vision.

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4. Worsening Eyesight

As time goes by, Seoyeon and her friends begin to notice a gradual deterioration in their eyesight. They find themselves straining to see things clearly, squinting more often, and experiencing frequent headaches due to the strain on their eyes.

Seoyeon, who used to have perfect vision, now struggles to read small prints or see objects at a distance. Her friends share similar experiences, lamenting the fact that they can no longer rely on their eyes as they once did.

They decide to visit an optometrist to have their eyes checked. The optometrist confirms their fears – they are all suffering from worsening eyesight, most likely due to excessive screen time and lack of proper eye care.

Seoyeon and her friends are advised to take regular breaks from staring at screens, adjust the brightness and font size on their devices, and wear protective eyeglasses when using digital devices for extended periods.

Despite the initial shock of realizing the impact of their lifestyle on their eyesight, Seoyeon and her friends are determined to make the necessary changes to preserve their vision and eye health. They pledge to be more mindful of their screen time and prioritize their eye care moving forward.

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