The Mentorship of Cleona Tandra

1. Introduction

As an 8th grader at IICS, Cleona Tandra highly values the relationships she has cultivated with those around her. One of her closest friends is Natasha, whom she met at WTA. Their bond is built on trust, respect, and shared experiences both inside and outside of school. Natasha has been a source of support and laughter for Cleona, making their friendship truly special.

In addition to her friendship with Natasha, Cleona also cherishes the mentorship she receives from Ms. Dyana. As a mentor, Ms. Dyana provides guidance, encouragement, and wisdom to Cleona as she navigates the challenges of growing up and facing new experiences. Cleona looks up to Ms. Dyana and values her advice, knowing that she can always turn to her for support.

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2. Tennis Lessons at WTA

Both Cleona and Natasha are dedicated to improving their tennis skills as they strive to reach the elite level in their lessons with Coach Wynne at WTA. The rigorous training regimen implemented by Coach Wynne pushes them to their limits, focusing on technique, strategy, and mental fortitude.

With each lesson, Cleona and Natasha work tirelessly on their footwork, backhand, forehand, and serves, eagerly soaking up feedback and advice from Coach Wynne. The competitive spirit between the two players drives them to excel, pushing each other to be better with every match they play.

Coach Wynne’s experience as a former professional player shines through in every lesson, as he imparts invaluable knowledge and insights gained from his years on the court. His guidance and mentorship not only improve Cleona and Natasha’s skills but also instill in them a deep love and respect for the game of tennis.

As they continue to train and compete at WTA, Cleona and Natasha’s passion for tennis grows stronger. Their journey towards the elite level is a challenging one, but with determination, hard work, and the support of their coach, they are well on their way to realizing their dreams of becoming top-tier tennis players.

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3. School Life

During her time at school, Cleona maintains two distinct spheres of friendship. On one hand, she is close friends with Colette and Celine, forming a strong bond based on shared experiences and mutual trust. They support each other through the ups and downs of school life, sharing laughs and secrets along the way.

However, Cleona keeps her passion for tennis separate from her school life. While she values her friendships with Colette and Celine, she prefers to focus on her sport without distractions from the school environment. This allows her to fully immerse herself in her tennis training and competitions, giving her the space and mindset needed to excel in the sport she loves.

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