The Malpractice Accusation

1. Confinement

Julie King has Tarrah Lavelli confined to a wheelchair, her wrists securely tied, ropes coiled tightly around her chest and arms, and her ankles bound together. Tarrah finds herself completely restricted and immobile, unable to move any part of her body freely. Her hands are rendered useless as they are firmly bound, preventing her from being able to defend herself or escape. The ropes around her chest and arms constrict her movements, making it almost impossible for her to even take a deep breath.

With her ankles tied together, Tarrah’s ability to walk or run away from this situation is completely eliminated. She is at the mercy of Julie, who holds complete control over her. The wheelchair further reinforces Tarrah’s confinement, as it acts as a physical barrier that prevents her from being able to stand up or move around on her own.

The helplessness and vulnerability Tarrah feels in this moment are palpable, as she realizes the extent to which she is trapped and at the mercy of Julie’s intentions. The physical restraints placed on her serve as a stark reminder of her lack of agency in this situation, leaving her completely at the mercy of her captor.

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2. Reaching Out

Julie decides to reach out to Tarrah’s husband, Zaman, to inform him about the current situation. She knows that Zaman needs to be aware of what is happening and be involved in making decisions moving forward. After all, Tarrah’s health and well-being are at stake, and they are both responsible for her care.

Julie takes a deep breath before dialing Zaman’s number. She hopes that he will pick up and that she can convey the seriousness of the situation effectively. As the phone rings, Julie mentally prepares herself for the conversation ahead.

When Zaman answers the call, Julie explains the events that have unfolded and the concerns regarding Tarrah’s health. She provides him with an overview of the situation and any necessary details, making sure to be clear and concise in her communication.

Zaman listens attentively, his voice filled with concern as Julie speaks. He asks questions to clarify certain points and expresses gratitude for Julie reaching out to him. Together, they discuss potential next steps and how they can best support Tarrah during this challenging time.

By reaching out to Zaman, Julie not only keeps him informed but also strengthens their partnership in caring for Tarrah. They may face uncertainties ahead, but by working together, they can provide the best possible care and support for their loved one.

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