The Luxurious Argo Bromo Anggrek Train Journey

1. Overview

The Argo Bromo Anggrek luxury train offers a premier travel experience on its route between Surabaya and Jakarta. This renowned train service combines luxury and comfort, making it a popular choice for travelers looking to enjoy a unique journey through Indonesia.

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2. History and Inauguration

The JS950 Argobromo was the predecessor to the Argo Bromo Anggrek service, which was launched in 1997. The Argo Bromo Anggrek service was established to provide a luxurious and comfortable travel experience for passengers. The train was equipped with modern amenities and facilities to cater to the needs of travelers.

The launch of the Argo Bromo Anggrek service in 1997 marked a new era in railway transportation in Indonesia. The train quickly gained popularity among passengers for its superior service and quality. The name “Argo Bromo Anggrek” reflects the beauty and elegance of the service, combining the iconic landscapes of Mount Bromo and the Orchid flower.

Since its inauguration, the Argo Bromo Anggrek service has continued to uphold its reputation for excellence. The train has become a preferred choice for both domestic and international travelers looking for a premium travel experience. The legacy of the JS950 Argobromo lives on through the success and continued service of the Argo Bromo Anggrek.

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3. Train Composition

Information on the coach classes, locomotives, and changes in the train’s design and amenities over the years.

Coach Classes

Train composition typically includes different coach classes such as first class, second class, and economy class. Each class offers varying levels of comfort and amenities to passengers. First-class coaches may provide spacious seating, meals, and on-board services, while economy class may have more basic accommodations.


Modern trains are usually powered by electric or diesel locomotives. Locomotives have evolved over the years to become more efficient, powerful, and environmentally friendly. Some trains now use alternative fuels or hybrid technology to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Changes in Design and Amenities

Trains have undergone significant changes in design and amenities over the years. Older trains may have had basic seating and limited facilities, while newer trains offer features such as Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, and improved seating options. The interior design of trains has also evolved to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for passengers.

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4. Entertainment and Dining

When you step on board, you will be thrilled by the range of entertainment and dining options available to you. Whether you enjoy live music, movies, or simply relaxing with a good book, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our audio-video services provide high-quality entertainment for your enjoyment throughout your journey.

Entertainment Facilities

Our entertainment facilities are top-notch, with dedicated spaces for live performances, movie screenings, and interactive activities. You can immerse yourself in the latest blockbuster films or catch a live music show by talented performers. Our friendly staff is always on hand to ensure you have a fantastic entertainment experience.

Audio-Video Services

Our audio-video services are designed to enhance your entertainment experience on board. With high-definition screens and surround sound systems, you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and music in crystal-clear quality. Stay connected with the latest news and updates with our onboard news channels and internet services.

Dining Options

When it comes to dining, we have a variety of options to satisfy your cravings. From casual buffets to elegant dining experiences, there is something for every palate. Indulge in international cuisine prepared by our talented chefs, or enjoy a quick snack at one of our cafes. You can also choose to dine in the privacy of your cabin with our room service options.

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