The Love Story of a Husband and Wife CEOs


Bangladesh – By the time the husband started checking his emails, his boss had arrived and said, “good morning.” She asked why he was in a good mood today. “What’s the occasion?” she inquired. He replied that it was their 20th marriage anniversary. In fact, the boss is his own wife. The wife/boss also congratulated him on their anniversary. Then she instructed him to focus on work and he replied, “Yes, ma’am,” as she headed into her posh office.

The husband works as the assistant of his CEO wife. They have 2 kids at home, and he is the primary caregiver. In the past, they were colleagues. She thrived in her career while he was mediocre. Because of their family and kids, he quit his job. Now that the kids are grown up, he wants to return to the workforce. She said she needed an assistant, so she interviewed him for the job and hired him.

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Section 2: Anniversary Dinner

For their anniversary dinner, the couple decided to recreate their first date. The table was set with candles and flowers, just like the restaurant where they first met. As they sat down to eat, their children were eager to hear the story of how their parents fell in love.

The couple shared tales of their courtship, the ups and downs they faced, and how they knew they were meant to be together. The children listened intently, hanging on every word as their parents reminisced about the early days of their relationship.

During dinner, the couple exchanged loving glances and held hands across the table. The children could see the connection and affection between their parents, and it warmed their hearts to witness such enduring love.

After dinner, the couple showed their children old photos from their dating days, sharing even more memories and funny anecdotes. The children laughed and smiled, happy to see their parents so in love and happy together.

As the evening came to a close, the children realized that their parents’ love story was truly special and unique. They went to bed that night feeling grateful for their family and the example of love and commitment their parents had set for them.

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