The Live Performance

Section 1

林小默 stands in front of the microphone in the live broadcast room, smiling as she looks into the camera. Her song just finished lingering in the air, wrapping around everyone’s ears. She takes a deep breath, her eyes sparkling with bright light, as if the song just released all her emotions.

Lin Xiaomo performing live on stage with microphone

Section 2

“Thank you for the applause and encouragement, you are all amazing!” She says in her sweet voice, tapping the microphone with her fingers, as if drumming with the audience.

Singer thanking audience tapping microphone demonstrating appreciation

Section 3

The barrage in the live chat room starts scrolling rapidly, fans’ messages like fireworks in the sky, brilliant and heartwarming. “Xiao Mo, your voice is so beautiful, every time I listen to you sing, I can feel your emotions!” a message displays.

Fan messages scrolling praising beautiful voice heartwarming online interaction

Section 4

Lin Xiaomo’s smile becomes even brighter as she kindly responds, “Really? Then I am so happy, being able to convey emotions through my voice, that is the greatest happiness for a singer. Do you have any songs you want to hear, or anything you want to say to me?”

Singer smiling interacting with fans expressing gratitude and happiness

Section 5

With the continuous influx of audience responses, Lin Xiaomo reads the barrage while answering fans’ questions. Her voice is gentle and patient, every word filled with gratitude and love for her fans. “I will sing more songs next time I broadcast, and I will try some new styles, I hope you will like it,” she says, her eyes shimmering with anticipation for the future.

Singer engaging with fans expressing gratitude and excitement for future

Section 6

The atmosphere in the live room becomes more intimate and warm. Lin Xiaomo’s interaction with fans is like distant friends, gathering through the screen, sharing the joy brought by music.

Singer connecting with fans online creating warm and intimate atmosphere

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