The Liquor Store Encounter

Section 1: Introduction

I humphed “Please good sir, I’ve had a rough day, and all I need is just one glass.”

Man at a liquor store counter facing customer

Section 2: Request Denied

“Same here. I’ve had a tedious evening, freshening the air, cleaning every last drop of spilled booze and cigarettes butts. So all I want is for you to get outta and come back tomorrow,” he says and continues stacking the bottles.

Man stacking liquor bottles with serious expression in store

Section 3: Pleading Continues

“Please, just one drop of liquor” I stammered, shyly raising a finger, but his reply was gruff, “No”

Man pleading for a drop of liquor in store

Section 4: Desperation Sets In

“Okay, what about I just sniff it,” “Still no,”

Man frustrated after being denied liquor in the store

Section 5: Losing Patience

“Come on Baldie” I yelled losing my cool. “Help a brother in need” I added, my gaze fixed on him, hoping he’d stop what he was doing and attend to me.

Frustrated man yelling at liquor store employee

Section 6: Resolution

Thankfully he stopped stacking the bottles and silence the fills air better than any graveyard.

Store employee finally attends to customer after persistent pleas

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