The Light Side Warning: Star Wars Legends Fan Fiction

1. Polaris’s Past

Polaris grew up on Earth, where he discovered his connection to the Force at a young age. He was identified as Force-sensitive and was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi. Through years of rigorous training and dedication, Polaris excelled in his studies and combat skills, eventually becoming a skilled Jedi Knight.

During his time at the Jedi Temple, Polaris developed a deep bond with fellow Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee. Their friendship gradually blossomed into a secret romantic relationship, which they had to keep hidden due to the Jedi Order’s strict rules against attachment. Despite the challenges they faced, Polaris and Barriss’s love for each other only grew stronger over time, fuelled by their shared commitment to the Jedi way.

As Polaris’s connection to the Force deepened, he became known for his exceptional skill in lightsaber combat and his unwavering dedication to the Jedi Code. However, the secrecy of his relationship with Barriss weighed heavily on him, causing inner turmoil and conflicting emotions.

Throughout his formative years as a Jedi, Polaris’s past on Earth and his forbidden love with Barriss would continue to shape his identity and the choices he made in the future.

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2. Banishment and Betrayal

Following the revelation of their forbidden relationship, Polaris and Barriss faced a harsh punishment from the Jedi Order. The Council decided to banish them, casting them out into the galaxy with no support or guidance. This marked the beginning of a dark and twisted path for Barriss, as she struggled to come to terms with the consequences of her actions.

Isolated and betrayed by the Order she once believed in, Barriss found herself consumed by anger and resentment. The sense of betrayal from those she had trusted and served so faithfully pushed her further away from the light, into the shadowy depths of her own despair.

As Barriss wandered the galaxy aimlessly, she found herself drawn to darker influences that promised power and revenge. The banishment served as a catalyst for her to embrace the dark side, seeking to unleash her newfound strength against those who had wronged her.

Meanwhile, Polaris struggled to come to terms with his own feelings of guilt and regret. He blamed himself for the downfall of Barriss and the destruction of their once-promising futures. Despite his best efforts to move on, the weight of their banishment continued to haunt him, driving a permanent wedge between them.

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3. Training with Abeloth

After meeting Abeloth, Polaris embarks on a journey of training with her in the ways of the Force. Abeloth, a powerful Force user, guides Polaris through various exercises and meditations to help him harness his own abilities. As Polaris spends more time with Abeloth, he starts to develop strong feelings for her. Their connection deepens as they bond over their shared experiences and struggles.

This training with Abeloth not only strengthens Polaris’s Force abilities but also unlocks new potentials within him. Abeloth’s wisdom and guidance open up a whole new world for Polaris, enabling him to tap into powers he never knew existed. The bond between them grows stronger with each training session, creating a force that is palpable and undeniable.

As Polaris and Abeloth continue to train together, their connection transcends mere mentorship. It evolves into something deeper and more profound, eventually blossoming into a love that cannot be ignored. The intensity of their bond fuels Polaris’s growth in ways he never thought possible, shaping him into a Force user of unparalleled strength and potential.

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4. The Prophecy

As Polaris meditated deep in the heart of their fortress, a sudden vision washed over them. In this vision, they saw a young warrior named Luke Skywalker, wielding a powerful lightsaber. Polaris could sense the strength and purity of the Force emanating from Skywalker, a stark contrast to their own growing darkness.

The vision revealed the outcome of a fateful battle between Polaris and Skywalker, where Polaris faced defeat at the hands of the Jedi. The consequences of this defeat were dire, with the galaxy plunged into chaos and despair under Polaris’s rule if they continued down the path of the dark side.

Feeling the weight of the prophecy pressing down upon them, Polaris knew that a decision lay ahead. They could either embrace the darkness that promised power and control, or heed the warning of the vision and choose a different path. The choice was theirs to make, but the consequences would be far-reaching and irreversible.

With the image of Luke Skywalker burned into their mind, Polaris wrestled with the conflicting desires of power and redemption. The prophecy had been a wake-up call, a stark reminder of the stakes involved in their choices. Whether they would ultimately heed the warning of the vision remained to be seen, but the seed of doubt had been planted in Polaris’s heart.

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5. Accepting the Truth

Abeloth starts off by expressing skepticism towards Polaris’s unsettling vision. She finds it hard to believe that such a grim fate awaits them. However, as time goes on, Abeloth begins to have her own series of troubling dreams. In these dreams, a similar warning to Polaris’s vision presents itself, forcing Abeloth to face the harsh reality of their situation.

Despite her initial doubts, Abeloth cannot ignore the eerie parallels between her dreams and Polaris’s vision. The more she tries to push the unsettling predictions from her mind, the more they seem to haunt her every waking moment. Eventually, she comes to the sobering realization that she must accept the truth laid out before her.

As Abeloth grapples with this newfound understanding, she experiences a range of conflicting emotions. Fear, anxiety, and dread all consume her thoughts as she tries to come to terms with the impending danger. It becomes clear to Abeloth that denial is no longer an option. She must confront the reality of their fate and find a way to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

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6. The Ultimate Decision

When faced with the crucial decision, Polaris and Abeloth find themselves at a crossroads. The dark side tempts them with power and control, promising to protect their family through force and domination. On the other hand, the light side offers warnings of the consequences of falling into darkness, urging them to choose a path guided by compassion and selflessness.

As they contemplate their options, Polaris and Abeloth weigh the risks and rewards of each choice. They understand that embracing the dark side may grant them temporary strength, but at what cost? Will their actions lead to destruction and chaos, ultimately putting their family in grave danger?

Conversely, listening to the guidance of the light side requires strength of character and a willingness to trust in something greater than themselves. It challenges them to set aside their own desires and ego in favor of a greater good, even if it means facing uncertainty and hardship.

In the end, the ultimate decision lies in the hands of Polaris and Abeloth. They must choose whether to succumb to the seductive pull of the dark side or embrace the challenging path of the light side. Their choice will not only determine their own fate but also the future of their family and the galaxy itself.

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