The Last Two Good Beings

1. Male Reader in Desert City

Connor Hamilton finds himself wandering the dusty streets of Desert City, a stark contrast to the lush greenery of his hometown. As he navigates through the crowded marketplace, Connor can’t help but notice the curious looks he receives from the locals. With an air of mystery surrounding him, he soon becomes aware of Princess Peach observing him from afar.

While Connor’s appearance may resemble that of the legendary singer Simone Simons, his presence in this unfamiliar setting draws unwanted attention. The harsh sun beats down on his shoulders, mirroring the heavy burden he carries – a tragic backstory that weighs heavily on his heart.

Princess Peach, a figure of authority in Desert City, watches Connor with a mix of concern and intrigue. She senses a depth to him that others may overlook, a hidden pain that resonates with her own experiences. As Connor passes by, Princess Peach contemplates reaching out to him, offering a listening ear and a comforting presence amidst the chaos of the desert city.

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2. The Ominous Warning

An ancient voice with no name warns Tippi of the impending destruction and the fate of all cosmic entities in the multiverse.

The Mysterious Messenger

As Tippi found herself engulfed in darkness, a voice unlike any other echoed around her. This voice, ancient and nameless, carried with it a sense of foreboding that sent shivers down her spine.

The Dire Prophecy

The warning delivered by the voice was clear – destruction was imminent, and the fate of all cosmic entities in the multiverse hung in the balance. Tippi felt a weight settle in her chest as she realized the gravity of the situation.

A Call to Action

With the ominous warning ringing in her ears, Tippi knew that she could not stand idly by. The voice’s words spurred her into action, determined to find a way to prevent the impending catastrophe and save the beings of the multiverse.

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3. The Last Hope

The voice echoes through Tippiā€™s mind, whispering urgently for her to act. It implores her to save the male reader, the last flicker of good in a world consumed by darkness. Tippi hesitates, unsure of her own abilities, but the voice reassures her, acknowledging the kindness that sets her apart from the chaos and destruction that surround them.

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