The Last Human Doppelganger

1. Introduction

Lia Prak, a 17-year-old girl born in the 15th century, is the last human doppelganger in the Joseon Dynasty. Despite being a teenager, Lia possesses extraordinary powers that she struggles to control. Her ability to mirror the thoughts and actions of others has made her an outcast in her community, feared and misunderstood by those around her. Raised in secrecy by her adoptive parents, Lia has always felt a deep sense of isolation and longing for connection.

As Lia navigates the complexities of her unique gift, she uncovers a hidden plot to overthrow the monarchy and plunge the kingdom into chaos. Torn between loyalty to her royal bloodline and a desire for freedom, Lia must choose where her allegiances lie. Along the way, she discovers unexpected allies and learns the true extent of her powers.

Set against the backdrop of political intrigue and supernatural phenomena, Lia’s story is a tale of self-discovery, courage, and the enduring power of hope. Join Lia on her journey as she confronts her destiny and embraces her role as the last defender of the Joseon Dynasty.

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2. Appearance and Traits

Described as having black hair, black eyes, and often seen wearing traditional hanbok attire, Lia has a distinct and recognizable appearance. Standing at a height of 1.55 cm, she carries herself with grace and poise that adds to her overall charm.

Her black hair frames her face elegantly, contrasting beautifully with her dark eyes that seem to hold a depth of emotions. The traditional hanbok attire she wears reflects her appreciation for her cultural heritage and adds a touch of uniqueness to her style.

Despite her petite stature of 1.55 cm, Lia possesses a presence that commands attention when she enters a room. Her posture is always straight, exuding confidence and elegance in every step she takes.

In summary, Lia’s appearance is a combination of traditional charm and modern elegance. Her black hair, black eyes, and hanbok attire complement each other to create a visually striking image that leaves a lasting impression on those around her.

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3. Doppelganger Origins


Lia is the natural born human doppelganger, unlike the created doppelganger Leia who brings chaos without the same power.

The origins of doppelgangers can vary greatly depending on their nature and how they came into existence. In the case of Lia, she is a natural born human doppelganger, meaning that her abilities are inherent and not artificially created. This gives her a sense of balance and control over her powers, allowing her to use them for good rather than causing chaos and destruction.

On the other hand, Leia is a created doppelganger, meaning that she was brought into existence through artificial means. This lack of natural origin may be the reason why she brings chaos wherever she goes, as she lacks the same level of power and control that Lia possesses. Without the inherent connection to her doppelganger abilities, Leia may struggle to harness her powers effectively, leading to unintended consequences and unpredictable outcomes.

Overall, the origins of doppelgangers play a crucial role in shaping their abilities and behavior. Lia’s natural born status gives her a sense of control and purpose, while Leia’s created nature may leave her feeling lost and out of sync with her powers. Understanding the differences between these two types of doppelgangers is essential in unraveling the mysteries surrounding their existence and the impact they have on the world around them.

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4. Motivation and Struggles

Lia finds herself constantly battling with the chaotic nature that seems to be deeply ingrained in her being, a trait inherited from her doppelganger roots. This inner struggle manifests itself in various aspects of her life, making it difficult for her to maintain control and stability. The constant push and pull between her desire for order and the chaos lurking within her creates a constant sense of dissonance within Lia.

Amidst this internal conflict, Lia also grapples with the search for her true motivation in life. She yearns to discover her purpose, to find that one thing that will ignite a fire within her and propel her forward. However, this quest is fraught with challenges, as she navigates through a sea of doubts and uncertainties.

Despite her struggles, Lia remains determined to overcome the obstacles in her path. She knows that finding her motivation and learning to control her chaotic nature will not be easy, but she is willing to put in the effort. Through perseverance and self-reflection, Lia hopes to eventually find clarity and direction in her life.

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