The Last Day of Lyla: A Hogwarts Tale

1. Farewell to Lyla

Draco’s female doberman, Lyla, spends her last day on earth at Hogwarts. Everyone comes to say goodbye, including Harry Potter who helps Draco through his grief.

On the last day of Lyla’s life, Hogwarts was filled with a somber atmosphere as Draco’s beloved doberman spent her final hours on earth. Lyla had been a loyal companion to Draco, always by his side through thick and thin. As students and teachers caught wind of Lyla’s declining health, they all made sure to stop by and pay their respects to the faithful dog.

Among those who came to bid farewell was Harry Potter, who shared a moment of understanding with Draco as they both grieved the impending loss of Lyla. Harry’s presence brought a sense of comfort to Draco in his time of need, reminding him that he was not alone in his sorrow.

As Draco spent Lyla’s last moments by her side, he reflected on the memories they had shared together. From playful games in the Hogwarts grounds to quiet moments of solace in Draco’s room, Lyla had left an indelible mark on Draco’s heart.

In the end, as Lyla peacefully passed away in Draco’s arms, a sense of closure washed over the Hogwarts community. Though Lyla had left this world, her spirit would forever live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. And as Draco mourned the loss of his dear companion, he found solace in the knowledge that Lyla’s memory would never truly fade away.

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2. The Return of Lyla

After a long absence, Lyla unexpectedly returns to the group. However, her appearance is not what they were expecting – she is now a creepy zombie. Her sunken eyes and pallid skin send shivers down Draco and Harry’s spines. Despite her unsettling presence, both Draco and Harry sense a familiar sweetness that still lurks within Lyla’s undead form.

As Lyla stumbles towards them, her limp and disjointed movements only adding to her eerie demeanor, Draco and Harry exchange a knowing look. They remember the kind-hearted soul that Lyla once possessed and refuse to let her current state cloud their judgment.

Together, the two friends approach Lyla cautiously, their hands held out in a gesture of peace. Despite her frightening appearance, Lyla seems to respond to their gentle approach. The remnants of her former self shine through the vacant look in her eyes, a faint glimmer of recognition flickering within her undead gaze.

Despite the fear that Lyla’s zombie form instills in them, Draco and Harry refuse to turn their backs on her. Deep down, they know that the true Lyla is still there, buried beneath the exterior of the undead creature standing before them.

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