The King’s Fertility Ritual

1. Preparation for the Yagam

King Dasharath seeks the help of sages for a special fertility ritual to bless his queens with children.

Seeking Guidance from Sages

Upon realizing the importance of having heirs to continue his lineage, King Dasharath humbly approaches the sages in his kingdom for their guidance and assistance. He understands that performing a yagam, a sacred ritual, can invoke the blessings of the deities and bring prosperity to his family.

Planning the Ritual

The sages, known for their wisdom and knowledge of ancient rituals, advise King Dasharath on the specific steps required to conduct the yagam successfully. They meticulously plan the offerings to be made, the mantras to be chanted, and the timing of the ritual, ensuring that every detail is taken care of to appease the gods.

Gathering Resources

To ensure the yagam is carried out without any hindrances, King Dasharath and his ministers start gathering the necessary resources. They procure the finest ingredients for the offerings, construct a sacred fire pit for the ritual, and invite renowned priests to officiate the ceremony. Every aspect of the preparation is meticulously planned to create an auspicious environment for the yagam.

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2. Daytime Feeds

The sages administer special feeds to the queens during the day to enhance their fertility.

During the daytime, the queens are provided with a specially formulated feed that is designed to boost their fertility. This feed is meticulously prepared by the sages, who have mastered the art of selecting the perfect ingredients to nourish and strengthen the queens. The special blend of nutrients and supplements in the feed is believed to optimize the queens’ reproductive functions, ensuring that they are in peak condition for breeding.

The sages closely monitor the queens’ consumption of the daytime feed, ensuring that each queen receives the precise amount needed to support her reproductive health. This careful attention to detail reflects the sages’ dedication to the well-being of the queens and their commitment to ensuring the success of future generations of the royal bloodline.

It is believed that the special daytime feed not only enhances the fertility of the queens but also contributes to the overall health and vitality of the entire royal colony. Through the administration of this carefully crafted feed, the sages strive to maintain the strength and vigor of the queens, thereby safeguarding the prosperity and longevity of the entire kingdom.

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3. Nighttime Rites

Under the shroud of darkness, the wise individuals partake in holy unions with the noble women to carry out the ceremonial practice.

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