The Island’s Coat of Arms

1. Symbolism and Design

The coat of arms of the Kokosovyi Islands is rich in symbolism and design. It consists of four fields – two blue and two silver. In the first and third fields, there are silver fish depicted, while brown birds are featured in the second and fourth fields. The fields are intersected by the Latin letter “Z”, adding a unique touch to the overall composition. Above the fields, a red rose is held by a right hand, symbolizing beauty and strength.

Furthermore, the coat of arms includes supporters in the form of palm trees, representing prosperity and growth. At the base of the shield, the motto “Maju pulu kita” is inscribed, which translates to “Our forward island”. This motto reflects the optimistic and forward-thinking spirit of the people of the Kokosovyi Islands.

Overall, the symbolism and design of the Kokosovyi Islands’ coat of arms embody key elements of the island’s identity and values. From the representation of marine life and birds to the incorporation of the Latin letter “Z” and the red rose, each element contributes to a cohesive and meaningful depiction of the island’s heritage and aspirations.

Colorful landscape with mountains trees and calm lake scene

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