The Internet Graveyard Adventures

1. SMG4’s Advice

SMG4 imparts his wisdom to SMG3 regarding the world of livestreaming, offering valuable advice and tips for success. He shares his insights on engaging with the audience, creating entertaining content, and building a loyal fan base. SMG4 emphasizes the importance of consistency, dedication, and innovation in order to stand out in the competitive online landscape.

Despite SMG4’s well-meaning intentions, SMG3 stubbornly rejects his suggestions. Blinded by his own ego and unwilling to listen to advice, SMG3 believes that his approach to livestreaming is superior and dismisses SMG4’s help. This refusal to learn from others ultimately hinders SMG3’s growth and potential for success in the digital realm.

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2. SMG3’s Surprise

As SMG4 is going about his day, he stumbles upon some shocking news – SMG3’s Twitch stream has amassed a whopping 3 million viewers. This unexpected revelation leaves SMG4 both impressed and slightly jealous. Could it be that SMG3 has found the secret formula to online success that has eluded SMG4 all this time?

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3. Mr. Yeast’s Offer

Mr. Yeast approaches SMG3 with an offer to provide assistance to him in managing his channel. Seeing potential in SMG3’s content, Mr. Yeast expresses his willingness to share his expertise and resources to help the channel grow and reach a wider audience.

With a background in digital marketing and experience in growing online platforms, Mr. Yeast outlines a plan to optimize SMG3’s content, improve engagement with viewers, and increase the channel’s visibility on various social media platforms.

Mr. Yeast’s offer includes collaborating on content creation, utilizing strategic marketing techniques, and leveraging his network of influencers to promote SMG3’s channel to a larger audience.

Excited by the thought of taking his channel to the next level, SMG3 accepts Mr. Yeast’s offer and looks forward to the journey ahead, knowing that with Mr. Yeast’s guidance and support, he can achieve his goals of becoming a successful content creator.

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4. SMG4’s Job

When SMG4 is given the task of filming SMG3’s YouTube videos, it ends up disappointing him. This assignment leads to a series of challenges for SMG4 as he struggles to meet SMG3’s expectations. Despite his best efforts, SMG4 finds it challenging to capture the essence of SMG3’s content, which results in frustration on both sides.

SMG4’s job not only involves filming the videos but also requires him to understand SMG3’s vision and style thoroughly. However, the differences in their creative approaches make it difficult for SMG4 to align his work with SMG3’s expectations. As a result, the quality of the videos produced by SMG4 falls short of what SMG3 desires.

With each failed attempt, SMG4 faces criticism and pressure from SMG3, which further demotivates him. The constant cycle of disappointment and disapproval takes a toll on SMG4’s confidence and morale, affecting his overall performance in his role.

Despite the challenges and setbacks, SMG4 persists in his efforts to improve and meet SMG3’s standards. He seeks ways to bridge the gap between their differences and find a common ground to enhance the quality of the videos. Through perseverance and determination, SMG4 strives to turn the situation around and prove his worth in his job.

Ultimately, SMG4’s job becomes a test of his resilience and adaptability as he navigates through the obstacles to make a mark in his role as the filmmaker for SMG3’s YouTube channel.

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5. Channel Popularity

SMG3’s channel experiences a surge in popularity thanks to the assistance of SMG4. With SMG4’s help, SMG3’s content becomes more engaging and entertaining, attracting a wider audience. The collaboration between the two channels leads to increased viewership and subscriber count for SMG3.

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