The Infected: A Piggy Story

1. Kidnapped

The Player, a police officer, finds themselves in a terrifying situation when they are suddenly abducted by a mysterious figure known as Piggy. They wake up in a five-story house that is not only unfamiliar but also filled with various dangers lurking around every corner.

As the Player navigates through the dimly lit corridors and rooms of the house, they quickly realize that Piggy has set up a series of traps and obstacles to prevent their escape. From locked doors to hidden passageways, the challenges seem insurmountable at first glance.

With adrenaline pumping and survival instincts kicking in, the Player must use their wits and strategic thinking to outsmart Piggy and find a way out of this sinister trap. Every decision they make could mean the difference between life and death.

As each floor presents new threats and puzzles to solve, the Player must stay one step ahead of Piggy to have any hope of making it out alive. Time is of the essence, and the clock is ticking as they race against the odds to break free from this nightmarish ordeal.

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2. The Station

After escaping the house, the Player arrives at a police station overrun by infected creatures and must find a way to escape with the help of Doggy.

Upon arrival at the police station, the Player is met with chaos and danger. The once secure building is now filled with infected creatures roaming the halls. The Player quickly realizes that they must find a way out of this nightmarish situation before it’s too late.

Finding Doggy

As the Player navigates through the station, they come across Doggy, a loyal companion who seems to understand the gravity of the situation. Doggy becomes the Player’s trusted ally as they work together to outsmart the infected creatures and make their escape.

Navigating the Station

The Player and Doggy must work together to navigate the maze-like corridors of the police station, avoiding traps and confrontations with the infected. Each step brings them closer to freedom, but the dangers lurking around every corner keep the tension high.

A Race Against Time

With each passing moment, the infected creatures grow more numerous and aggressive. The Player and Doggy must move quickly and decisively to find a way out before they become overwhelmed. The sense of urgency drives them forward, pushing their limits as they race against time.

As the Player and Doggy finally find a way out of the station, they realize that their journey is far from over. The outside world is still a dangerous place, but with their newfound bond and determination, they are ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

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3. The Gallery

As the Player and Doggy desperately sought refuge from the infected creatures roaming the streets, they stumbled upon an art gallery. The once serene and calming environment was now filled with eerie silence, broken by the sounds of shuffling footsteps and low growls of the infected.

With no other options at hand, the Player and Doggy cautiously made their way through the gallery, their every step echoing through the empty halls. However, their hopes of finding safety quickly faded as they encountered more of the infected creatures lurking in the shadows, their eyes glowing with a sinister hunger.

Despite the daunting challenges ahead, the Player and Doggy knew they had to find a way to escape once again. The walls adorned with priceless artworks became their temporary refuge, providing hiding spots as they strategized their next move. Every corner turned presented a new danger, testing their wits and survival instincts to the limit.

As the gallery transformed into a deadly maze of terror, the Player and Doggy had to rely on each other more than ever. With adrenaline pumping through their veins, they navigated the treacherous paths, evading the infected and searching for an exit that seemed to elude them at every turn.

Will the Player and Doggy find a way out of the gallery alive, or will they fall victim to the relentless onslaught of the infected? Only time would tell as they braved the horrors of the gallery in their desperate bid for survival.

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4. The Forest

Four weeks after the events in the gallery, the Player and Doggy find themselves in a forest where they must confront their infected friend and find a way out.

Confronting the Infected Friend

As the Player and Doggy navigate through the dense forest, they suddenly come face to face with their infected friend. The friend’s eyes are glazed over, and they no longer recognize their companions. The Player must make a difficult decision on how to handle the situation.

Finding a Way Out

With their infected friend posing a threat, the Player and Doggy must find a way to escape the forest before it’s too late. The dense foliage and unfamiliar surroundings make it challenging to navigate, adding to the tension and urgency of the situation.

Working Together

Despite the danger lurking in the forest, the Player and Doggy must work together to overcome obstacles and make their way to safety. Their bond and teamwork are put to the test as they rely on each other to outsmart the infected friend and find a way out of the treacherous woods.

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