The Immortal Supreme Kai of Time

1. Bath Time Bliss

In a dimly lit room, a stunning woman with a striking resemblance to Simone Simons is immersed in the serene ritual of bathing her newborn twins. The soft glow of candles flickers off the walls, casting a warm and comforting ambiance over the scene. The woman’s delicate hands expertly cradle each tiny infant in turn, gently cleansing their fragile bodies with care and tenderness.

As she works, her husband sits nearby, his gaze fixated on his wife and children with a look of pure adoration. His heart swells with love and pride as he watches the woman he adores fulfill her role as a devoted mother, effortlessly multitasking and showering their offspring with affection.

The twins, nestled in their mother’s arms, seem completely content and at peace in the soothing water. Their cherubic faces are calm and serene, embodying the innocence and beauty of new life. The room is filled with the sound of gentle splashes and cooing noises, creating a symphony of comfort and joy.

Together, the family shares a moment of blissful intimacy, lost in the timeless routine of bathing and bonding. The love that flows between them is palpable, creating a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere that envelops them in a cocoon of happiness and security.

Carved pumpkin with glowing eyes on porch at night

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