The Immortal Crown Prince

1. 1st Century

In the 1st Century, the Immortal Crown Prince Baek Hyun finds himself captivated by Leyla, a woman of grace and beauty. Their unexpected love sends shockwaves through the palace, setting off a series of intense rivalries and power struggles.

Grand Prince Ji Ho, Baek Hyun’s older half-brother, becomes consumed by jealousy upon realizing the depth of Baek Hyun’s feelings for Leyla. Ji Ho sees Leyla as a threat to his own ambitions and desires, sparking a bitter conflict between the two siblings as they vie for Leyla’s affections and the throne.

As their rivalry intensifies, the fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance. Baek Hyun’s unwavering love for Leyla clashes with Ji Ho’s thirst for power, leading to a dramatic showdown that will shape the course of history.

Amidst the political intrigue and personal vendettas, Leyla finds herself at the center of a dangerous game of love and betrayal. Will Baek Hyun’s love be enough to overcome the obstacles in their path, or will Ji Ho’s ambitions destroy everything they hold dear?

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2. 2nd Century

Conflict arises as Thalia, the first doppelganger, appears, causing tension between Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah as Leyla disappears.

In the 2nd century of our story, the peace that Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah had carefully constructed is shattered when Thalia, the first doppelganger, suddenly emerges. Thalia’s appearance sparks confusion and fear among the people, as they had only just begun to understand the existence of these mysterious beings. Her presence causes tension between Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah, as they struggle to come to terms with this new threat to their kingdom.

As if this wasn’t enough, Leyla, a trusted ally and key figure in the court, mysteriously disappears around the same time Thalia appears. The sudden absence of Leyla adds another layer of complexity to the already tense situation, leaving Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah scrambling to maintain order and control in the kingdom.

The 2nd century proves to be a turning point in our story, as the arrival of Thalia and the disappearance of Leyla set off a chain of events that will test the strength of our characters and their relationships. Will Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah be able to overcome their differences and unite against this new threat? Only time will tell as the story unfolds in the coming chapters.

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3. 13th Century

Leia, a vessel doppelganger, reappears, reigniting rivalries between Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah.

In the 13th century, the story takes an unexpected turn as Leia, a vessel doppelganger, returns to the kingdom. Her reappearance stirs up old rivalries between Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah, threatening to disrupt the fragile peace that has been established. Prince Hoshi, who has always harbored feelings for Leia, finds himself torn between his loyalty to the kingdom and his personal desires. On the other hand, Seo Ah sees Leia’s return as an opportunity to finally gain the upper hand and solidify her position in the court.

As Leia navigates the intricacies of court life and tries to unravel the mystery of her own identity, tensions rise between the two powerful figures vying for her affections. The court is divided, with factions forming around Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah, both determined to protect their own interests at any cost. The reappearance of Leia threatens to upend the delicate balance of power that has been carefully maintained for years.

With emotions running high and loyalties tested, the 13th century proves to be a pivotal moment in the kingdom’s history. The clash between Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah intensifies, leading to a dramatic confrontation that will change the course of the kingdom forever.

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4. Present Day

In the current timeline, Lia, who is rumored to be the doppelganger of Leyla, finds herself in a tense situation. The air is thick with chaos and intrigue as she comes face to face with Thalia, another individual who bears a striking resemblance to both Leyla and Thalia. The two women stand their ground as they confront Baek Hyun, a formidable adversary who seems to hold the key to the mysteries that surround them.

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