The Immortal Crown Prince: A Tale of Hatred and Revenge

1. 1st Century: Baek Hyun and Leyla

During the 1st Century, Immortal Crown Prince Baek Hyun embarks on a forbidden love affair with Leyla, a commoner from a neighboring village. Their love ignites a fierce rivalry between Baek Hyun’s half-brother, Grand Prince Ji Ho, who has always been envious of Baek Hyun’s position and popularity.

As Baek Hyun and Leyla’s relationship blossoms, Grand Prince Ji Ho becomes consumed with jealousy. He sees Leyla as a threat to his own ambitions and sets out to sabotage their romance at all costs. Grand Prince Ji Ho plots to turn the King against Baek Hyun and remove him from the line of succession, hoping to eliminate his romantic rival once and for all.

Despite the mounting obstacles and challenges they face, Baek Hyun and Leyla remain steadfast in their love for each other. They defy societal norms and expectations, risking everything to be together. Their love story becomes a symbol of defiance against the rigid constraints of royal tradition and familial duty.

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2. 2nd Century: Thalia’s Arrival

In the 2nd century, a mysterious girl named Thalia makes her appearance in the kingdom, resembling Prince Hoshi’s lost love, Leyla. This unexpected arrival stirs up tensions within the royal court, particularly between Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah, his closest advisor. Thalia’s presence brings back painful memories for Prince Hoshi, reopening wounds left by Leyla’s sudden disappearance.

As Thalia becomes more entwined in the affairs of the kingdom, her true intentions remain shrouded in mystery. Some believe she is Leyla reincarnated, while others suspect ulterior motives behind her actions. The conflicting emotions felt by Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah towards Thalia create a rift that threatens the stability of the kingdom.

As Thalia’s influence grows, Leyla’s absence looms large, casting a shadow over Prince Hoshi’s rule. The kingdom teeters on the brink of chaos, with whispers of conspiracy and betrayal swirling around Thalia. Only time will tell what fate awaits the kingdom with the arrival of this enigmatic figure.

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3. 13th Century: Return of Leia

In the 13th century, Leia mysteriously returns to the kingdom, throwing Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah into a tumultuous rivalry. The sudden reappearance of Leia disrupts the peace that Prince Hoshi and Seo Ah have worked so hard to maintain. The tension between the three characters escalates as they navigate through their conflicting emotions and desires.

Meanwhile, Baek Hyun, once a noble and kind-hearted individual, starts to lose touch with his humanity. Consumed by thoughts of revenge and obsession with blood, Baek Hyun’s character takes a dark turn. His descent into darkness creates further complications within the kingdom, adding another layer of conflict to the already turbulent situation.

As Leia’s return sends shockwaves through the kingdom, the relationships between the characters are tested like never before. Prince Hoshi, Seo Ah, and Baek Hyun find themselves caught up in a web of betrayal, love, and power struggles. The 13th century becomes a pivotal moment in their lives, shaping their destinies in ways they could have never imagined.

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4. Present Day: The Doppelganger Mystery

Lia and Thalia, rumored to be Leyla’s doppelgangers, find themselves in a tense confrontation with Baek Hyun, King Insu, and Grand Prince Seong II as they all vie for the throne. The mystery surrounding their true identities deepens as alliances are tested and loyalties are questioned.

As the power struggle intensifies, Lia and Thalia must navigate through a web of deception and betrayal to uncover the truth behind their connection to Leyla. With the fate of the kingdom hanging in the balance, they must stay one step ahead of their rivals to secure their rightful place on the throne.

But as the plot thickens and secrets are revealed, Lia and Thalia realize that the doppelganger mystery goes beyond mere resemblance. They must confront their shared destiny and embrace the truth of their intertwined fates, even as they face the ultimate test of their strength and courage.

Will Lia and Thalia emerge victorious in the battle for the throne, or will the doppelganger mystery ultimately be their downfall? Only time will tell as the dramatic saga unfolds in the present day, reshaping the kingdom in ways no one could have imagined.

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5. 15th Century: Baek Hyun’s Dark Secret

During the 15th century, Baek Hyun held a position of power in the kingdom, ruling with strict authority and an iron fist. However, beneath his exterior of control and dominance, he harbored a dark secret that few knew about. Baek Hyun had a hidden bloodlust that consumed him, leading to disturbing encounters with those who crossed his path.

One such encounter occurred with Seo Yeon, a mysterious figure whose presence seemed to both intrigue and unsettle Baek Hyun. As their paths collided, tensions rose within the palace walls, and plots began to unravel as Baek Hyun’s secret began to surface.

Seo Yeon’s involvement in Baek Hyun’s life brought about a series of events that would challenge the stability of the kingdom, as well as Baek Hyun’s own mental state. The dark secret that Baek Hyun had kept hidden for so long threatened to unravel everything he had worked to build, leaving him vulnerable to the repercussions of his own desires.

As the power struggles and deception within the palace intensified, Baek Hyun’s true nature was exposed, revealing a side of him that few had ever suspected. The events that transpired during this tumultuous period would shape the future of the kingdom, forever altering the course of history.

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