The Immortal Crown Prince

1. Backstory

Baek Hyun’s backstory is a complex web of family relationships, enemies, and past loves that have shaped him into the man he is today. Born into a prominent family in Seoul, Baek Hyun was raised with expectations of success and excellence. His parents, both successful lawyers, instilled in him a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed in whatever he pursued.

Throughout his childhood, Baek Hyun faced challenges from rival families who sought to undermine his family’s standing in the community. These enemies planted seeds of doubt and insecurity in his mind, pushing him to constantly prove himself and defend his family’s honor. These ongoing rivalries have fueled his ambition and determination to outshine his adversaries at every turn.

In the realm of love, Baek Hyun has had his share of romantic entanglements. From passionate affairs to heartbreaking betrayals, his past loves have left a mark on his heart. Each relationship has taught him valuable lessons about trust, loyalty, and the complexities of the human heart. Despite the ups and downs of his romantic life, Baek Hyun remains hopeful that true love will one day find him.

As Baek Hyun’s journey unfolds, his backstory continues to shape his decisions and relationships, adding depth and complexity to his character. With each new challenge he faces, he draws strength from his past experiences and uses them to propel himself forward towards his ultimate goals.

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2. Immortality

Immortality is a prominent aspect of Baek Hyun’s character in the story. Baek Hyun possesses extraordinary abilities that stem from his immortality. He is impervious to aging, disease, and physical harm, allowing him to withstand any form of injury. This gives him a significant advantage over his adversaries, making him an almost invincible force.

It is revealed in the narrative that Baek Hyun obtained his immortality through a rare and mystical ritual that was performed centuries ago. The ritual granted him eternal life and bestowed upon him supernatural powers that heightened his strength, agility, and speed. This explains why he is able to perform superhuman feats that would be impossible for a regular human being.

Baek Hyun’s immortality also plays a crucial role in shaping his personality and motivations. Knowing that he is destined to live forever, he approaches situations with a sense of calculated risk, often taking on challenges that others would deem too dangerous. His immortality has made him both fearless and strategic, allowing him to navigate the dangers of the world with confidence.

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3. Vengeance

Baek Hyun’s quest for revenge is fueled by a deep desire to seek justice for the wrongs committed against him. His enemies are those who have betrayed him, those who have caused him harm, and those who have stood in the way of his goals. Baek Hyun is on a relentless pursuit to destroy them all, no matter the cost.

His determination knows no bounds as he meticulously plans his every move, strategizing the downfall of each enemy one by one. Each step he takes brings him closer to his ultimate goal of retribution.

As Baek Hyun delves deeper into the world of vengeance, he faces challenges that test his resolve and inner strength. The path he walks is dark and treacherous, filled with obstacles and dangers at every turn.

But Baek Hyun remains unwavering, his eyes fixed on the prize of revenge. His enemies should beware, for he is coming for them with a fury unlike anything they have ever seen. Baek Hyun’s vengeance will be swift and merciless, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

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4. Power Struggle

As Baek Hyun navigates the intricate web of power dynamics within the kingdom, he finds himself embroiled in a fierce fight for the throne. Various factions within the court vie for control, leading to a series of shifting alliances and betrayals that ultimately shape Baek Hyun’s path.

At the center of the power struggle is the battle for succession. The current ruler’s failing health has sparked a fierce competition among his heirs, each backed by powerful factions seeking to gain influence over the kingdom. As Baek Hyun maneuvers through this treacherous landscape, he must choose his allies wisely to survive the political machinations at play.

Amidst the power struggle, Baek Hyun faces threats from unexpected quarters. Trusted allies turn into foes, and secret alliances come to light, adding complexity to his already perilous journey. The constant struggle for power leaves Baek Hyun questioning whom he can truly trust as betrayal lurks behind every corner.

Through the turmoil of shifting alliances and betrayals, Baek Hyun’s mettle is tested, forcing him to make difficult decisions that will shape his destiny. Will he emerge victorious in the power struggle, or will he fall victim to the cunning maneuvers of his enemies? Only time will reveal the ultimate outcome of Baek Hyun’s path as he navigates the dangerous waters of the kingdom’s power dynamics.

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5. Doppelgangers

Exploring the doppelganger line involving Thalia, Leyla, and Leia is crucial to understanding the overarching narrative of Baek Hyun’s story. These three characters serve as mirrors to Baek Hyun, reflecting different aspects of his personality and inner conflicts.


Thalia represents Baek Hyun’s fierce determination and unwavering loyalty. Her unwavering support for Baek Hyun mirrors his own dedication to his goals, acting as a source of strength during challenging times.


Leyla embodies Baek Hyun’s internal struggle with his past and his desire for redemption. Her inability to let go of her own past mistakes mirrors Baek Hyun’s own guilt and regrets, pushing him to confront his demons head-on.


Leia serves as a symbol of Baek Hyun’s longing for connection and sense of purpose. Her relentless pursuit of justice and truth reflects Baek Hyun’s own quest for meaning in his life, driving him to seek out his own truth.

Overall, the doppelganger line involving Thalia, Leyla, and Leia adds layers of complexity to Baek Hyun’s character, challenging him to confront different aspects of himself and ultimately driving the narrative forward.

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6. Love and Betrayal

When examining Baek Hyun’s relationships with Seo Ah and Seo Yeon, it becomes evident that love and betrayal are intertwined in his life. His connection with Seo Ah, filled with passion and intensity, portrays the complexities of love. The depth of his feelings for her is evident in the sacrifices he is willing to make to ensure her happiness. However, as their relationship progresses, betrayal creeps in as secrets are unveiled and trust is shattered.

On the other hand, Baek Hyun’s bond with Seo Yeon is characterized by a different kind of love. Their relationship is built on a foundation of friendship and understanding, showcasing a more stable and genuine connection. However, even in this seemingly secure relationship, betrayal finds its way in through misunderstandings and external influences.

It is through these contrasting relationships that the themes of love and betrayal are explored in Baek Hyun’s life. The interplay between these emotions creates a complex narrative, highlighting the fragility of relationships and the impact of deception and broken trust. As Baek Hyun navigates the intricacies of love and betrayal, he must come to terms with the consequences of his actions and decisions on those closest to him.

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