The Hypnotized Girlfriend


After carefully weighing his options, Alex made the difficult decision to take a temporary break from pursuing his master’s degree. This choice, while difficult, was made in order to prioritize his mental health and well-being. However, this decision did not sit well with his parents, who had high expectations for Alex’s academic achievements.

Despite Alex’s attempts to explain his reasons for taking a break, his parents were deeply disappointed and disapproved of his choice. This led to a significant fallout between Alex and his parents, causing tension and strain in their relationship. The once close bond between Alex and his parents was now fractured, with both parties struggling to see eye to eye on the situation.

As Alex navigated the challenging aftermath of his decision, he found himself caught between pursuing his own path to personal growth and meeting the expectations set by his family. This conflict brought about a period of introspection for Alex, forcing him to reevaluate his priorities and consider what truly mattered to him.

Ultimately, Alex’s decision to take a break from his master’s degree had far-reaching consequences, not only impacting his academic journey but also his relationships with his loved ones. The fallout with his parents served as a turning point in Alex’s life, propelling him towards a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

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After several failed attempts to find a suitable girlfriend to bring home to meet his family, Marco begins to feel desperate. It’s not that he doesn’t want to introduce someone special to his parents, but being single for so long has put a lot of pressure on him. That’s when he comes up with a crazy idea – he could hypnotize his best friend Alex into becoming his fake girlfriend!

At first, Marco is hesitant to propose this unconventional plan to Alex. He’s worried about how his friend will react and whether he will agree to go along with such a strange scheme. But after some convincing and a lot of reassurance that it’s just for show, Alex reluctantly agrees to help Marco out.

With a mix of excitement and dread, Marco starts researching how to hypnotize someone. He reads articles online, watches videos, and even practices on his pet cat to see if it really works. After much preparation, the day finally arrives for Marco to put his plan into action.

As Alex sits nervously in Marco’s living room, Marco begins the hypnotization process. He speaks softly, guiding Alex into a deep trance and planting suggestions in his mind that he is madly in love with Marco and will act as his devoted girlfriend for the upcoming family gathering.

Will Marco’s risky plan succeed, or will it all come crashing down in a disastrous mess?

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Months pass as Alex, under hypnosis as “Alexandra”, struggles with the manipulation by Marco’s family.

Months Passing

Throughout the passing months, Alex finds himself deeply entrenched in the persona of “Alexandra” while under hypnosis. This new identity becomes a constant struggle as he battles against the control and manipulation imposed by Marco’s family.

Under the hypnotic influence, Alex’s every action and thought are dictated by external forces, making it difficult for him to distinguish reality from manipulation. The months drag on as he wrestles with this internal conflict, feeling trapped and powerless in the face of Marco’s family’s influence.

Struggling with Manipulation

As “Alexandra”, Alex faces a relentless onslaught of manipulation by Marco’s family. They use every tactic at their disposal to control his behavior and decisions, pushing him further into a state of confusion and helplessness.

Despite his best efforts to resist their influence, Alex finds himself succumbing to their subtle manipulations, unsure of who he can trust or turn to for help. The struggle intensifies as he grapples with his own identity and the constant pressure exerted by those around him.

Throughout this period, Alex’s resilience is put to the test as he fights against the relentless manipulation, determined to break free from the grip of Marco’s family once and for all.

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Marco’s sisters take control, changing “Alexandra” physically without Marco’s knowledge.

As Marco’s sisters step in, a sense of dread washes over him. He realizes that Alexandra’s physical appearance is beginning to undergo a transformation, one that he is completely unaware of. His sisters, often envious of the attention he showers on Alexandra, decide to take matters into their own hands.

Day by day, Marco notices subtle changes in Alexandra’s demeanor and appearance. Her once vibrant eyes now seem dull and lifeless, and her radiant smile has faded into a mere shadow of its former self. It is as if someone else is slowly taking over her body, someone unknown to him.

Despite Marco’s attempts to communicate with Alexandra, he is met with a wall of silence. His sisters have succeeded in their mission to alter Alexandra’s physical being without his consent. The once confident and independent woman he knew has now become a puppet under their control.

Marco is left feeling helpless and lost, unsure of how to regain the connection he once shared with Alexandra. As he watches her from afar, he vows to uncover the truth behind this sudden change and rescue her from the clutches of his manipulative sisters.

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As the situation escalates, Marco realizes the consequences of his deceptive plan.

With each passing moment, the weight of Marco’s actions becomes increasingly evident. What started as a simple scheme to achieve his goals has now spiraled out of control, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. As he witnesses the fallout of his deceit, Marco is gripped with a sense of dread, realizing the magnitude of the consequences he now faces.

As those around him begin to question his motives and integrity, Marco finds himself isolated and vulnerable. The web of lies he so carefully constructed begins to unravel, exposing him to scrutiny and suspicion. His once-confident facade crumbles under the pressure of the truth, revealing a desperate individual consumed by regret and remorse.

In a moment of clarity, Marco understands the gravity of his actions and the impact they have had on those around him. The guilt weighs heavily on his conscience, threatening to consume him as he grapples with the realization that his choices have irreparably damaged the trust and relationships he once held dear.

As the consequences of his deceptive plan come crashing down around him, Marco is forced to confront the harsh reality of his decisions. With his world in turmoil and his future uncertain, he must now reckon with the fallout of his deceit and find a way to make amends before it’s too late.

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