The Hunt for Piggy


In this section, players will be introduced to the setting of a five-story house where the Player, a police officer, must find a missing child named Georgie Piggy. The house is described as old and mysterious, with creaky floorboards and dimly lit rooms. The Player enters the house with a sense of urgency and determination to uncover the truth behind Georgie’s disappearance.

As the Player navigates through the different floors of the house, they will encounter various obstacles and challenges along the way. From locked doors to hidden clues, the Player must use their investigative skills to unravel the mystery and find Georgie Piggy before it’s too late.

The atmosphere inside the house is tense and unsettling, with eerie shadows and strange noises echoing through the corridors. The Player must stay focused and alert, as danger lurks in every corner.

Through detailed exploration and careful observation, the Player will gradually uncover the dark secrets hidden within the walls of the house. Each room holds a piece of the puzzle, leading the Player closer to the truth behind Georgie’s disappearance.

Overall, this section sets the stage for an intense and suspenseful journey as the Player delves deeper into the mysterious five-story house in search of Georgie Piggy.

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2. Storyline

As the Player makes their way through the house, they are suddenly ambushed by Piggy. Piggy quickly grabs the Player and kidnaps them, starting a heart-pounding chase through the dark corridors of the house. The Player’s heart races as they desperately search for a way to escape their captor.

With adrenaline pumping, the Player manages to outsmart Piggy and make a daring escape. They navigate through hidden passages and secret doors, narrowly avoiding capture at every turn. The tension is palpable as the Player fights to stay one step ahead of Piggy’s relentless pursuit.

Finally breaking free from the clutches of Piggy, the Player emerges shaken but determined. They quickly make their way back to the safety of the police station to report the terrifying encounter. The authorities listen intently as the Player recounts the harrowing events, detailing every moment of the chilling ordeal.

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3. Items and Locations

Various items and locations play a crucial role in the gameplay, providing the Player with tools necessary for progress and survival.

Keys are essential items that unlock doors and grant access to new areas within the game world. Without the right key, the Player may find themselves stuck in a certain location, unable to move forward.

Weapons are another important aspect of the game, providing the Player with the ability to defend themselves against enemies and overcome obstacles. Different weapons may have varying strengths and weaknesses, requiring the Player to strategize their approach to combat.

Locked doors are obstacles that prevent the Player from advancing without the necessary key. Exploring the various locations within the game may reveal hidden keys or clues to unlocking these doors, encouraging the Player to thoroughly investigate their surroundings.

Exploration of different locations is essential for finding key items, weapons, and uncovering important clues for progressing through the game. Each location may offer unique challenges and rewards, enhancing the Player’s overall gaming experience.

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4. Piggy’s Design

Description of Piggy’s appearance and behavior, inspired by the character design of Granny, including her outfit, skin color, and weapon.

Description of Piggy’s Appearance

Piggy is a unique character with a striking appearance. She is portrayed with a similar design to Granny, including her signature outfit and weapon. Piggy has a distinct style that sets her apart from the other characters in the game.


Just like Granny, Piggy is depicted wearing a long, tattered dress that adds to her eerie appearance. The dress is ragged and torn, creating a sense of decay and darkness around her. This outfit choice gives Piggy a menacing and unsettling presence.

Skin Color

Unlike Granny’s pale skin, Piggy’s skin color is more of a sickly green hue. This color choice adds to her mysterious and otherworldly persona, making her stand out among the characters in the game. Piggy’s unusual skin tone adds to the overall creepy vibe of her character.


To mirror Granny’s weapon of choice, Piggy also carries a distinctive weapon – a deadly-looking bat. The bat is a key element of Piggy’s design, emphasizing her dangerous and aggressive nature. This weapon choice reinforces Piggy’s role as a formidable adversary in the game.

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5. Station

Transition to the police station setting where the Player must escape from Mother and team up with Doggy to uncover the cause of the infection.

As the Player arrives at the police station, they are immediately faced with the daunting task of escaping from Mother, who is in hot pursuit. With adrenaline pumping, the Player navigates through the maze-like corridors of the station, avoiding obstacles and using their wit to outsmart Mother’s relentless pursuit.

Just when it seems all hope is lost, Doggy, a loyal canine companion, comes to the rescue. Together, the Player and Doggy form an unbreakable bond as they work together to unravel the mystery behind the infection that has plagued the town. Doggy proves to be a valuable ally, sniffing out clues and aiding the Player in their mission to uncover the truth.

As the Player and Doggy delve deeper into the heart of the police station, they encounter unexpected twists and turns, uncovering dark secrets that hint at a larger conspiracy at play. The station itself becomes a character in its own right, with its dark corridors and hidden passages adding to the tension and suspense of the journey.

In the end, the Player and Doggy must rely on each other to navigate the dangers of the police station and confront the true source of the infection. Their bond is tested, but ultimately proves unbreakable as they face the ultimate challenge together.

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6. Storyline Continued

The Player and Doggy work together to fuel a car and escape the infected station, hinting at a deeper investigation ahead.

As the Player and Doggy navigate through the infected station, they come across an abandoned car that could be their ticket out of there. However, the car is out of fuel, and they must work together to find a way to power it up. With the infected creatures lurking around every corner, the stakes are high, and the sense of urgency only adds to the tension.

After scavenging the station for any resources they can find, the Player and Doggy manage to locate a fuel canister that could potentially be enough to get the car running. They devise a plan to distract the infected creatures while one of them fuels up the car. Cooperation and quick thinking are crucial as they execute their escape plan.

Once the car is fueled up, the Player and Doggy jump in and speed away from the infected station, leaving a trail of chaos behind them. As they drive off into the distance, the Player can’t help but wonder what other mysteries and dangers lie ahead in their journey. The hint at a deeper investigation looming on the horizon only fuels their determination to uncover the truth behind the infection.

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7. Mother and Doggy

Description of Mother and Doggy’s appearance, clothing, and behavior as they interact with the Player during their escape.

As the Player made their way through the dark corridors, they suddenly encountered Mother and Doggy. Mother was dressed in a flowing gown that shimmered in the dim light, giving her an ethereal appearance. Her long silver hair was braided intricately, adding to her mystical aura. Doggy, on the other hand, was a large black hound with intelligent eyes that seemed to follow the Player’s every move.

Mother moved gracefully, her steps silent as she glided towards the Player. Doggy stayed close by, emitting a low growl that sent shivers down the Player’s spine. Despite the eerie atmosphere, Mother’s gaze was kind and reassuring, offering the Player a sense of protection amidst the chaos.

Both Mother and Doggy seemed to sense the urgency of the situation, guiding the Player through hidden passageways and secret doors as they made their escape. Mother’s gentle touch and Doggy’s loyal presence provided comfort and support, leading the Player to safety through their unwavering determination.

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