The Hunt for Boothill: Honkai Star Rail Materials Guide

1. Ascension Materials

Details on the materials needed for Boothill’s ascension levels, including Tatters of Thought, Shards of Desires, and IPC Work Permit.

Ascension Materials are crucial for advancing Boothill to higher levels. The three main materials required are Tatters of Thought, Shards of Desires, and IPC Work Permit.

Tatters of Thought

Tatters of Thought are essential for enhancing Boothill’s mental abilities. These materials can be found in various challenging locations across the game world. Collecting a sufficient amount of Tatters of Thought is necessary to progress Boothill’s ascension levels.

Shards of Desires

Shards of Desires represent Boothill’s emotional growth and resilience. These materials can be obtained through completing specific quests, defeating powerful enemies, or trading with other players. Boothill must gather enough Shards of Desires to reach higher levels of ascension.

IPC Work Permit

IPC Work Permit is a special material required for Boothill to access certain areas and opportunities within the game. Acquiring an IPC Work Permit involves completing specific tasks, challenges, or engaging in particular quests. Having a valid IPC Work Permit is crucial for Boothill’s overall progression.

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2. Trace Skills Materials

Information on the required materials for Boothill’s Trace skills, such as Countertemporal Shot, Destined Expiration, and Fragments of Impression.

Mandatory Requirements

To successfully utilize Boothill’s Trace skills, players must possess specific materials essential for each skill. These materials are crucial for executing powerful abilities including the Countertemporal Shot, Destined Expiration, and Fragments of Impression.

Countertemporal Shot

The Countertemporal Shot skill requires a unique set of materials that enable players to manipulate time and space. To activate this skill, players must have the Temporal Crystal, Chrono Amulet, and Void Shards in their possession. These materials allow players to unleash a devastating attack that disrupts the temporal flow of their enemies.

Destined Expiration

For the Destined Expiration skill, players need specific materials that are imbued with mystical energies. The required materials include the Arcane Sigil, Celestial Essence, and Astral Dust. By combining these materials, players can unleash a powerful burst of energy that can obliterate their foes.

Fragments of Impression

The Fragments of Impression skill necessitates a collection of materials that hold memories of past events and experiences. Players must gather the Memory Crystals, Echo Stones, and Enigma Fragments to access this skill. These materials allow players to channel the memories of ancient beings, granting them unique insights and abilities.

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