The House Pride

1. Unveiling House Pride

Albus Potter was eager to explain the concept of house pride to Esmeralda as they stood on the platform at King’s Cross Station. James, Lily, and Rose gathered around, ready to assist him in showcasing the importance of belonging to a Hogwarts house.

Albus began by describing how each house at the school represented different values and characteristics. Gryffindor, known for bravery and courage; Slytherin, for ambition and cunning; Ravenclaw, for wisdom and wit; and Hufflepuff, for loyalty and dedication. He shared stories of famous wizards and witches who belonged to each house, emphasizing the unique qualities that set them apart.

The Potter kids eagerly chimed in, sharing anecdotes about house competitions, Quidditch matches, and the camaraderie they experienced within their respective houses. James boasted about Gryffindor winning the House Cup last year, Lily shared how she bonded with her fellow Hufflepuffs over herbology class, and Rose talked about the clever Ravenclaws she studied with in the library.

As the conversation continued, Esmeralda began to grasp the significance of house pride and the sense of belonging it brought to the students at Hogwarts. By the time the train arrived to take them to school, she was excited to discover which house she would be sorted into and eager to experience the same bond that Albus and his siblings shared with their housemates.

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2. A Heated Debate

The Hogwarts founders and ghosts find themselves in the midst of a heated debate in the ghost world. The topic of discussion revolves around Esmeralda’s house placement, as she stands up against the formidable Lucius Malfoy. It is a clash of strong personalities and differing opinions as Esmeralda defends her choice fervently, refusing to back down in the face of opposition.

The atmosphere in the ghost world is tense, with emotions running high as the debate escalates. The Hogwarts founders watch on, their expressions reflecting a mixture of concern and interest as they observe the unfolding drama. Esmeralda’s determination to defend her position only serves to fuel the flames of the argument, with both sides unwilling to concede any ground.

As the debate reaches its peak, the ghosts in attendance are divided in their support, some siding with Esmeralda while others align themselves with Lucius Malfoy. The air crackles with tension, and the ghosts’ voices echo through the ghost world as they passionately present their arguments.

In the end, the outcome of the debate remains uncertain, leaving the Hogwarts founders and ghosts on edge as they await a resolution. The clash between Esmeralda and Lucius Malfoy serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics at play in the ghost world, where allegiances and conflicts can arise unexpectedly, leading to intense confrontations such as this one.

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