The Horrifying Ordeal of Hare

1. Assault and Sickness

A young hare is viciously beaten by adults on his way home from school and falls severely ill, vomiting blood upon reaching his house.

After a long day at school, a young hare was making his way home, when suddenly a group of adults confronted him. Without any provocation, they began to attack him mercilessly. The poor hare tried to defend himself, but the adults were too strong. He was left bruised, bloodied, and feeling utterly defeated.

Despite the pain and trauma from the assault, the young hare managed to drag himself back to his house. However, upon reaching home, he started feeling incredibly sick. The violence he had endured had taken a toll on his body, and he began to vomit blood.

As he lay there, weak and in excruciating pain, his family rushed to his side. They were horrified by the state he was in and immediately sought medical help. The young hare’s condition was critical, and it was unclear if he would survive the night.

The brutal assault not only physically harmed the young hare but also left him emotionally scarred. The incident was a harsh reminder of the cruelty that existed in the world, especially towards the innocent and defenseless.

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2. Rush to the Hospital

After discovering Hare’s grave condition, Wolf immediately rushes him to the hospital. The urgency in Wolf’s actions reflects the seriousness of Hare’s state after the assault. As they arrive at the hospital, medical personnel quickly take over, examining Hare and assessing the extent of his injuries.

It soon becomes clear that the assault had caused serious internal injuries to Hare. Wolf is filled with a sense of guilt and regret, realizing the consequences of their confrontation. The doctors work tirelessly to stabilize Hare and prepare him for surgery to address the internal damage.

Despite the chaos and tension in the hospital, Wolf remains by Hare’s side, feeling a mix of emotions ranging from fear to hope. The gravity of the situation weighs heavily on Wolf as he waits anxiously for any updates on Hare’s condition.

Through this harrowing experience, Wolf learns the importance of acting swiftly in times of crisis and the value of seeking professional medical help. The hospital becomes a scene of intense emotions and uncertainty, as Wolf grapples with the consequences of the violent confrontation that led them there.

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