The Haunting of Buddy’s Entertainment

1. Formation of Buddy’s Entertainment (1965-1977)

On June 19th, 1965, Buddy’s Entertainment was officially established, marking the beginning of a new era. Alongside this milestone, Buddy’s Diner was introduced to the public, offering a unique dining experience that featured costumed performers to entertain guests.

Fast forward to September 6th, 1977, and Buddy’s Diner underwent a transformation, now known as Buddy’s Burgers. This rebranding came with the introduction of animatronic characters, adding a touch of magic and wonder to the dining atmosphere. Additionally, the establishment of the Buddy’s Entertainment Production Factory further solidified the brand’s commitment to creativity and innovation.

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2. Buddy’s Playland Pier Tragedy (1985-1987)

June 21st, 1985 Buddy’s Playland Pier is established by Buddy’s Entertainment in collaboration with New Horizon Entertainment and officially opens its doors to the public. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes on July 16th, 1987, when Samuel Alexander Conners loses his life due to a malfunction during one of the rides. As a result of this horrific incident, the park is forced to cease all operations permanently, and Buddy’s Entertainment is forced to declare bankruptcy. Just two days after the park’s closure, on July 18th, 1987, Sarah Bethany Conners illegally enters the abandoned park grounds with the intention of creating a memorial for her deceased brother. However, Sarah Bethany’s grief and anger lead to a tragic outcome when she ends up fatally attacking and killing three teenagers who were also on the premises.

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3. Rise of the Puppet Master (1987-1995)

July 27th, 1987 Nathan Conners, the former CEO of New Horizon Entertainment, dies by his own hand at the abandoned pier, binding his soul to his creation, Millie The Puppet Master. November 6th, 1995 Sarah returns to Buddy’s Burgers in Salt Lake City to commit a series of murders.

Death of Nathan Conners (1987)

On July 27th, 1987, the tragic death of Nathan Conners, former CEO of New Horizon Entertainment, shocked the community. Conners took his own life at the abandoned pier, with rumors circulating that his soul became bound to his creation, the sinister Millie The Puppet Master.

Return of Sarah (1995)

Years later, on November 6th, 1995, Sarah resurfaces in Salt Lake City, making a chilling return to Buddy’s Burgers. In a series of horrifying events, Sarah unleashes a wave of terror by committing a string of murders, leaving the community in shock and fear.

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4. The Final Showdown (2003-2006)

In October 6th, 2003, Sarah once again makes her presence known, this time targeting a Buddy’s location in Pinefalls. Her sinister actions send shockwaves through the community, leaving everyone on edge.

Fast forward to November 3rd-6th, 2004, Henry Ravensholm takes it upon himself to dive deep into the mysteries surrounding Buddy’s Burgers. Through his investigation, he comes face to face with Sarah, the mastermind behind all the chaos.

It all comes to a head on October 14th, 2006, when Sarah resurfaces in Salt Lake City for one last showdown with those who have been pursuing her. The tension is palpable as the final confrontation unfolds, leading to a climax that will leave a lasting impact on all involved.

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