The Half Term Plans

1. Catching Up with Friends

Younes catches up with his friends Fred, Harvey, and Mckela to chat about their plans for the upcoming half term break. He is eager to hear what everyone has in mind for their time off from school.

Fred shares that he is thinking about taking a road trip with his family to visit some relatives in a different state. He’s excited about the possibility of exploring new places and spending quality time with loved ones.

Harvey mentions that he plans on working part-time at a local coffee shop to earn some extra money during the break. He also hopes to catch up on some reading and possibly start a new project he’s been thinking about for a while.

Mckela reveals that she has signed up for a dance workshop that will be held during half term. She is thrilled about the opportunity to learn new dance styles and techniques while meeting other dancers who share her passion.

Overall, Younes is impressed by the diverse and interesting plans his friends have for the upcoming break. He is excited to see how everyone’s experiences unfold and looks forward to sharing his own adventures with them when they reconvene after the break.

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2. Free Time on the Computer

After a long day of academic lessons, Jamie understands the importance of allowing students some time to relax and unwind before heading home. This is why he gives them the opportunity to use the computer at school during their free time.

By providing access to the computer, Jamie allows students to engage in activities that they enjoy and find entertaining. Whether it’s playing educational games, watching videos, or simply browsing the internet, this time allows students to decompress and de-stress after a busy day.

Additionally, using the computer can also be a valuable learning experience for students. They can practice important computer skills, explore educational websites, or even work on additional assignments if they choose to do so. By incorporating technology into their free time, Jamie encourages students to become more comfortable and confident using various digital tools.

Overall, the free time on the computer serves as a valuable opportunity for students to relax, have fun, and further develop their skills. Jamie recognizes the importance of balance in a student’s day and believes that this time allows students to recharge and end the school day on a positive note.

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3. Memories with Family

Younes’ mother Giuseppina picks him and his sister Asia up, recounting past struggles with covid in the family.

After a long day at school, Younes eagerly waited for his mother Giuseppina to pick him and his little sister Asia up. As they settled into the car, Giuseppina began sharing stories of the past struggles the family had faced during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The memories were bittersweet, filled with anxiety and uncertainty, but also sprinkled with resilience and love that held the family together.

Giuseppina recounted the fear that gripped the family when they received the news that she had tested positive for the virus. The isolation and worry about her health were overwhelming, but the unwavering support from Younes and Asia kept her fighting. They took care of her, bringing her meals and offering comfort during the toughest days.

As they drove past familiar landmarks, Giuseppina’s stories painted a picture of a family united in facing a common enemy. Reflecting back on those challenging times, Younes and Asia felt a deep sense of gratitude for the health and togetherness they now enjoyed.

These memories with family served as a reminder of the strength that comes from facing adversity together and the importance of cherishing every moment spent with loved ones.

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