The Ha Le Lighthouse

1. The Manuscript

Months pass by as Quang’s manuscript gathers dust, symbolizing his struggle to find his true voice as a writer.

Although Quang started his manuscript with great enthusiasm, over time, the pages remained untouched, gradually covered in a thick layer of dust. This dusty manuscript represented much more than just neglect – it embodied Quang’s inner turmoil and uncertainty.

As the days turned into weeks and then into months, Quang found himself grappling with a creative block, unable to articulate the stories swirling in his mind onto paper. The blank pages stood as a stark reminder of his struggle to find his unique writing style, his authentic voice as a writer.

Despite numerous attempts to break free from his creative rut, Quang found himself constantly revising and editing, never satisfied with the words he penned. Each stroke of the pen felt inadequate, each sentence lacking the depth and emotion he longed to convey.

Quang’s manuscript became a physical representation of his internal battle, a visual manifestation of his quest for self-discovery and literary identity. The dust settling on the pages mirrored the cobwebs in his mind, hinting at the untapped potential waiting to be unleashed.

As Quang stared at the dusty manuscript before him, he knew that he had to dig deep, to unearth the stories buried within him, to find his true voice as a writer. And so, with renewed determination, he set out to breathe life into the forgotten pages, to finally let his words flow freely and authentically.

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2. Nighttime Writing

Quang immerses himself in writing during the night hours. He finds solace in the darkness and uses alcohol to keep himself awake. The quiet of the night allows his creativity to flow freely, unencumbered by the distractions of the day. With a pen in hand and his mind unburdened by the business of daily life, Quang delves into a world of his own creation, exploring the realms of imagination that open up to him after dark.

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3. Ha Le Lighthouse

Quang’s neighbors nickname his room the “Ha Le lighthouse” as he becomes a familiar figure in the night and early morning hours.

Quang’s late-night activities have not gone unnoticed by his neighbors. His dedication to his studies or work keeps him up late into the night, often visible through the windows of his room. The glow emanating from his desk lamp or computer screen illuminates the darkness, earning his room the affectionate moniker of the “Ha Le lighthouse.” Whether he is burning the midnight oil to meet a deadline or delving into a new project, Quang’s presence in the wee hours of the morning has become a familiar sight in the neighborhood.

As the night stretches into the early morning hours, Quang’s silhouette moving about his room becomes a reassuring sight for some and a curiosity for others. His diligence and persistence have garnered admiration from those who catch a glimpse of the “Ha Le lighthouse” during their own nighttime activities. Quang’s reputation as a night owl with a steadfast work ethic has solidified his place as a beacon of productivity in the eyes of his neighbors.

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4. Facing Mortality

Quang finds himself confronting the harsh reality of his mortality, a concept he had always kept at arm’s length. As he reflects on his life and the inevitable end that awaits him, a profound sense of awareness washes over him.

Thoughts of all the things he had hoped to achieve but never did, the dreams left unfulfilled, and the relationships left unresolved suddenly weigh heavily on his mind. Quang realizes that his time on this earth is limited, and that each passing moment brings him closer to his ultimate fate.

He is struck by the fragility of life, the fleeting nature of existence, and the certainty of death. This moment of reflection forces him to confront his fears and anxieties about the unknown, pushing him to contemplate the legacy he will leave behind.

Quang’s brush with mortality serves as a wake-up call, jolting him out of complacency and prompting him to reevaluate his priorities. With newfound clarity, he strives to make the most of the time he has left, cherishing each moment and living with intention.

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5. The River of Life

Reflecting on his life, Quang sees it as a river, with each memory and event contributing to the flow of his existence towards death. Just as a river constantly moves and changes, so does Quang’s life. The events and experiences he encounters along the way shape the direction in which his life flows.

Some parts of the river may be calm and peaceful, while others are turbulent and challenging. Quang understands that he must navigate through these different phases of life, just as a river flows through various terrains and obstacles. He embraces the twists and turns, the highs and lows, knowing that they all play a part in shaping who he is.

As Quang reflects on the river of his life, he realizes the inevitability of its ultimate destination. Just as a river flows towards the sea, his life flows towards death. Each moment, each memory, each experience is a drop in the river, moving him closer to the merging of his existence with the vastness of eternity.

Quang finds peace in viewing his life as a river, understanding that each ripple and wave is essential to the beauty and complexity of the journey. Embracing the flow of life, he accepts the transient nature of all things and finds solace in the continuity of the river’s movement towards its final destination.

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