The Guardians of Lord X

1. X’s Explanation

Lord X opens up to Yokubo about his feelings towards being in jail, revealing a vulnerable side that is not often seen by others. Despite his typically stoic demeanor, he expresses his deep dislike for the constraints and limitations that come with imprisonment. X reflects on the loss of freedom and the frustrating lack of control over his own circumstances.

During this candid conversation with Yokubo, X shares his innermost thoughts and emotions, shedding light on a different aspect of his personality. His admission of discomfort and unhappiness in his current situation demonstrates a level of honesty and transparency that is uncommon for someone of his status and position.

It becomes evident that being incarcerated has not only physically confined X but has also taken a toll on him emotionally. The vulnerability he displays in this moment serves to humanize him in the eyes of Yokubo, giving a glimpse into the complexity of his character beyond the facade of power and authority.

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