The Gryffindor Common Room Encounter

1. Waiting for Someone

Esmeralda is in the Gryffindor common room, nervously awaiting someone’s arrival while her friends tease her about a potential crush on Albus Potter.

Esmeralda’s Anticipation

Esmeralda sat perched on the edge of the couch in the Gryffindor common room, shifting nervously as she waited for someone to arrive. Her heart raced with anticipation, and her mind was filled with thoughts of who might be coming to meet her.

Teasing from Friends

As she fidgeted with the strap of her bag, Esmeralda’s friends couldn’t help but notice her anxious behavior. They exchanged knowing glances and soon began teasing her about her potential crush on Albus Potter. Esmeralda blushed furiously, denying any such feelings, but her friends continued to tease her mercilessly.

The Clock Ticks On

Minutes felt like hours as Esmeralda waited, the ticking of the clock on the mantelpiece echoing loudly in the quiet common room. She glanced at the door every few seconds, her nerves getting the best of her as she wondered when the person she was waiting for would finally arrive.

An Unexpected Arrival

Just as Esmeralda thought she couldn’t wait any longer, the common room door swung open, and in walked the person she had been eagerly anticipating. A smile spread across her face, and all her nerves melted away as she greeted them with relief and excitement.

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2. Albus’ Entrance

As Albus Potter pushes open the heavy wooden door to the common room, all heads turn in his direction. His confidence radiates from every step he takes, drawing the attention of everyone in the room. The soft murmur of conversation dies down as his charming presence captures the room.

With a slight smile playing on his lips, Albus effortlessly navigates his way through the sea of students, his emerald green eyes locking onto Esmeralda. The air around them seems to shimmer with curiosity and envy, as their peers watch Albus approach her with a mix of admiration and jealousy.

Students whisper to each other, speculating about the nature of Albus and Esmeralda’s relationship. Some wonder how someone as popular as Albus could be interested in someone like Esmeralda, while others envy the undeniable chemistry between them.

Esmeralda’s cheeks flush pink as Albus finally reaches her, his smile widening as he greets her with a warm hello. The energy in the room shifts subtly, as Albus and Esmeralda engage in conversation, their connection palpable to everyone around them.

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3. The Moment of Truth

Albus leaned in close to Esmeralda, the undeniable chemistry between them palpable. Esmeralda found herself drawn to Albus in a way she couldn’t explain, her heart racing as she looked into his deep, soulful eyes. The Gryffindor girls watched in awe, sensing the tension between the two of them.

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