The Gryffindor Choice

1. Part One Act One Scene 1

The Potter and Weasley families come across Esmeralda Belle Greengrass, a young orphan afflicted with a curse that has turned her into half snake.

As the Potter and Weasley families make their way through the dark and mysterious forest, they stumble upon a clearing where they come face to face with a sight that sends shivers down their spines. Esmeralda Belle Greengrass, a young orphan girl, stands before them, her lower body transformed into that of a snake. The curse that has befallen her is evident in the sorrowful expression on her face, as well as the way she moves with a serpentine grace.

Despite the shock and fear that grips the Potter and Weasley families upon seeing Esmeralda, they feel a sense of compassion for the young girl. They can see the loneliness and sadness in her eyes, and they realize that she must have faced much hardship and discrimination because of her curse. Determined to help her, they approach Esmeralda and offer her their friendship and support.

Esmeralda, who has grown accustomed to rejection and isolation, is touched by the kindness shown to her by the Potter and Weasley families. She hesitantly accepts their offer of friendship, grateful for the first glimmer of hope she has felt in a long time.

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2. Part Two Act One Scene 2

Esmeralda finds herself standing in front of the Sorting Hat at the Hogwarts ceremony, surrounded by her new friends who have become like family to her. The hat, which can see into the deepest parts of one’s soul, hesitates before placing her in a house. Esmeralda’s heart races as she contemplates the decision that will shape her experience at the magical school.

Her friends, sensing her internal struggle, offer words of encouragement and support. They remind her of the qualities that make her unique and how she embodies the values of each house. Esmeralda feels torn between Gryffindor, known for its bravery and courage, and Ravenclaw, known for its wisdom and wit. The hat seems to pick up on her inner turmoil, taking its time to make a decision.

As the moments pass by, Esmeralda reflects on her journey so far and the friendships she has formed. She realizes that no matter which house she is sorted into, she will always have the love and support of her friends. With a deep breath, Esmeralda finally makes her choice and the hat announces the house she will be joining.

With a mix of nerves and excitement, Esmeralda stands up and joins her new housemates, eager to embark on the next chapter of her magical education at Hogwarts.

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